New Year Health on a Budget

New Year Health on a Budget

January; the most popular month of the year for people to decide they want to lose weight, or to get a bit fitter and healthier. I certainly know that was the case for me a couple of years ago when I decided to join Slimming World; but, my main focus at that time was just to lose weight.

During my weight loss journey I haven’t really exercised; with the exception of taking up running for a few weeks and then life got in the way, and I haven’t really done any since. This year though, I want to focus on getting fitter. I pretty much have the healthy eating down to a tee now; most of the time, anyway! We all want need to let go once in a while, right?

New Year Health on a Budget

MyVoucherCodes have produced this rather cute little video; it contains a whole bunch of handy tips for your new year health on a budget!

I’m pretty happy that I actually carry out most of these already; except for cold showers right now, I certainly don’t fancy one of those in the winter – brr! One thing I am planning on getting my (still wobbly) bum into gear and doing soon, is some exercise and toning up. Everybody watches YouTube so much these days, that it’s one of the first places I will be heading to look for some videos. Since losing weight though, my fitness gear no longer fits me (!) so I need to buy some more. I will probably be visiting Sports Direct for this as I have some trainers from there which have lasted me a while, so I know they sell affordable but quality items.

Another vow I have made to myself for this year – which I am yet to start – is to try a new healthy but delicious meal or recipe every week. My friend Zara from Mojo Blogs has recently been posting some gorgeous looking meals from Hello Fresh on her Instagram; I am so tempted to order some for myself! I have actually just ordered a free trial of recipe kits from Simply Cook; so I am looking forward to trying these and sharing them with you.

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