4 Ways You Can Keep Positive During Lockdown

COVID-19 has certainly shaken the way that we live our lives. From working from home, home learning to the way we shop there are many things that we are having to get used to. Through this time it’s important for us to look after ourselves, our family and take pride in the little things in life and our home that keep us happy and positive. It can be really easy to let your mood slip and not realize you have the ability to cope through this and keep yourself in good health. 

4 Ways You Can Keep Positive During LockdownPhoto by Lisa Fotios from Pexels 

Some of the small, simple things that you can do to keep yourself positive through lockdown include: 


We are still allowed to leave out homes for exercise as long as we are still taking care to follow the guidelines with social distancing whilst we are out. If you’re feeling a little trapped, restricted or the kids are running wild simply going for a walk or cycle can help massively. Take advantage of the daily exercise we are allowed to give everyone in the household some much needed fresh air and a positivity boost. Not only this, but exercise also releases natural endorphins and helps you to keep fit and healthy. 

A Coffee Or Tea Break 

There is no harm in taking happiness from the simple things in life. With everything that is going on it’s very easy to feel as though your home is a little bit of an unorganized, chaotic environment at the moment. Remember to take some time to relax and enjoy the small things. Sitting down as a family to enjoy a simple cup of coffee or tea with a few biscuits will go a long way to improving your mood and reminding yourself that there can be calm in the storm. So, why not buy coffee online from Two Chimps Coffee and take a few moments to enjoy some quiet. 


It’s far too easy to forget to look after yourself during this time and part of looking after yourself includes a pamper every now again. Whether it’s a face mask, painting your nails because you can’t go to the salon or a simple bubble bath. You will feel refreshed and vitalized just by taking some time to look after you. You can even get the family involved by finding something that each of them likes to be part of their pampering. Whether it’s doing a makeover, having a gaming afternoon or a cinema evening they are all classed as ways to pamper. 


Baking has taken the lockdown by storm, at one point it was impossible to buy bananas and bread. Banana bread has become one of the staples that everyone is baking in their kitchens. Lockdown may be hard but it’s a great time to get to baking and trying some new recipes. Whether it’s baking cookies to deliver to people who need a little boost or perfecting your bread making skills so you don’t have to go to the shop as often, it’s all therapeutic and will make your house feel even more like home. 

These are just four of the ways you can help yourself feel more positive through the lockdown, what are you doing to help yourself and your family? Please share your ideas in the comments. 

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