Bioglan vitamins review

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I try to give the boys a wide variety of foods so they receive all of the vitamins and minerals they need, without having to take a supplement. Jacob seems to go through phases where he will eat a lot of different foods but at other times he will just eat the same thing and refuse others he has tried previously. He does try and eat a huge variety of fruit, but vegetables not so much. For this reason, I do like to give him extra vitamins and recently he has been trying some products from the Bioglan SmartKids range.

We were sent some ‘Fussy Eaters Multi’ – blackcurrant & strawberry chewable fizzy tablets, which help maintain healthy growth, immune function, and healthy bones; and also some ‘Brain Formula’ – citrus flavour chewable squirts which help support normal brain function, learning & memory, and healthy growth. They are also both gluten free, nut free, soya free, and dairy free, so suitable for a range of allergies.

Bioglan vitamins review

The packaging of both boxes of vitamins does look really fun & appealing, and eye catching among other brands. There are 30 tablets/squirts in each box which is pretty much one month worth, taking one per day as suggested. The tablets/squirts themselves are a good size, looking just like a sweet so the children think they are getting a treat. As with anything I give my children, I tried them too. The tablets are definitely fizzy and do have a good flavour to them, they do actually taste like a sweet. The squirts though, I wasn’t so keen on. The outer casing was really chewy with a distinctive – not so nice – flavour and I actually had to spit it out (!), and the liquid inside of them wasn’t much better, in my opinion – it was quite bitter! Jacob seemed to like the flavour of each though as he asked for them each day, so what do I know?!

As he only tried them for a month, I can’t really say if they had an effect on any of the functions they claim. They also cost quite a bit more than I would be prepared to pay. But, if you are looking for your children to take extra vitamins long term because they are a fussy eater, then these premium ones could be for you.

Age – 4+
RRP – £9.99 per pack

Our rating – 3.5/5

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