Our favourite five – December | Barney, riverside walks, and Christmas

Our favourite five - December

Okay, I know, I know; it’s almost February and I’m only just sharing our favourite five from December now! Since I’ve taken a little step back from the blog for the time being, I’ve not really been forcing myself to write, as such. So I have been meaning to write this, but only just gotten around to it.

Anyway, as with most people, December was quite a hectic month for us! We had a new addition, which I mentioned in November’s favourite five, and then the Elf came to stay again, we had an advent countdown, we were hosting Christmas Day so i had that to prepare for, it was half term, and so on!

So what were our favourite five for December?

Welcoming Barney

Barney was briefly introduced in the last favourite five post, and at the beginning of December we officially welcomed him into our home – he certainly fits right in, in our crazy house! He is ab-so-lutely mental, but absolutely adorable with it. He’s a French Bulldog x Beagle and we can definitely see both breeds in him, but I always think of him closer to a Beagle with his temperament and personality; plus his looks!

Our favourite five - welcoming Barney

Riverside walks

Along with Barney, came a lot more walking. We live opposite the River Trent so we have some lovely riverside scenery; especially at sunset, it’s stunning. It’s a perfect photograph opportunity but I need to work on sunsets! He loves his walks on the river bank, and it’s great for me to get some extra body magic in too.

Our favourite five - riverside walks

Our favourite five - riverside walks

Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf has been visiting us for a couple of years now and the boys absolutely love him. “He” was really organised during his last visit, but this time he was not so much, and just fell asleep most nights. I think both boys plus the new puppy, must have worn him out a bit.

Our favourite five - Buddy the Elf

Tea with Santa

We usually go visit Santa at our local garden centre, but this year we decided we would try the Tea with Santa experience they have too. I must admit, I did think Santa was actually going to be there for tea, but he didn’t arrive until we had finished our meals. Nonetheless, the boys were very excited and absolutely loved it! We got a bit more extra time with him for photos on his sleigh too, which was lovely. We saw some animals, then went for a train ride around the North Pole and then saw Santa in his workshop. Magical.

Our favourite five - Tea with Santa

Our favourite five - meeting Santa

Christmas Day

The whole of December was wonderful for us, but not a lot can beat the excitement of children on Christmas Day, right? Especially those who ask for sausages, and get sausages – I’ve never seen someone so excited about receiving sausages as a present!

Our favourite five - Christmas Day

My favourite part of Christmas Day though? Dinner! And this year it was mostly Slimming World friendly, and everyone enjoyed it! Winner winner, chicken turkey dinner.

Our favourite five - Christmas dinner


What did you enjoy during December?

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  1. Clearly I am rubbish as I forgot to comment on this! Seems like such a long time ago now right? Love the family photo of all you. Thank you for linking up to #OurFaveFive x

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