Musings of a Slimming World target member #2

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It’s been a while since I wrote my first musings post; almost six months, in fact! I thought now was about the right time to get my thoughts down again. Since that last post, I haven’t found staying at target much easier. I still haven’t managed to get back to “bang on” target, so I obviously haven’t managed to get back to where I was before Christmas either. I would have felt like a fraud writing this before, as I’ve been out of target for the past month; but I finally got back into it this week.

If I’m being honest – and I always am on here – my head just hasn’t been 100% in the game. It’s not that I’ve completely lost my love of Slimming World; I think if I was following any other plan then I would be the same. We’ve been having problems with Jacob and it’s really been taking a toll on how I’ve been eating.

Being an emotional & stress eater

I know, I know; this sounds like an excuse. And honestly, I probably have been using it as an excuse in part.

“I eat rubbish when I’m stressed. I eat rubbish when I’m emotional”

I find it really hard to eat well when I’m under stress or suffering emotionally. Though I’m on medication, my anxiety issues don’t help either, and I eat for comfort. Finding comfort from food. It’s a real issue. Isn’t it? The problem is, you eat rubbish, you feel rubbish; so you eat more rubbish to make you think that you’ll feel better, and it’s a vicious circle. One that’s hard to get out of.

Until you realise that number on the scales isn’t getting any lower.

But that’s another problem, isn’t it? We take too much notice of the number. What we should be doing is taking notice of the way we look, the way we feel, how our clothes are fitting. Am I bloated? Are my clothes getting tight? Then maybe I should draw a line, start afresh. Don’t kick myself about it. These things happen. Am I feeling or looking more toned? Are my clothes fitting better? Even getting too big? Then a big high five, I’m rocking it, I’ve got this in the bag, baby!

These ones are definitely too big!

The truth is…

…and I need to take heed of my own advice here – life happens. Don’t sweat it. Things happen that get in the way of our journey. Stress. Joys. Celebrations. Holidays. (Cake). Yes, we’ve taken that step to improve our health, in turn improving our life. But we can’t let it rule our life. 

Just live it. The best you can.


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  1. It’s all too easy to let the numbers on the scales rule our lives

    1. It really is! I’m guilty of weighing at home every day – my excuse, I like to see how I’m doing!

  2. I’ve found it so hard to come away from losing weight and relying on the number on the scale into balanced life and not weighing. Personally speaking I think maintenance is much harder than actually losing the weight. Well done on getting back into target range though, you look great! 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 And I totally agree – being at target and trying to maintain is so much harder than I ever imagined!

  3. As it takes time…But it feels so happy when you can make this kinda transformation yourself. cheers!

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