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There was a comment I came across the other day on that ol’ place called Facebook. There were 2 or 3 people discussing sickness in pregnancy, and I saw something that quite riled me if I’m honest. This comment basically said that pregnancies in which the woman had/has sickness, all was well, and went well, whereas pregnancies where the woman felt/feels fine, things didn’t/don’t go so well in. (Though they did refer to it as an old wives tale, the person in question probably didn’t mean to offend, but I did think it was quite insensitive even saying this, seeing as a lot of people tend to worry all the way through their pregnancies, like me for instance! Or maybe I’m just too sensitive regarding babies and pregnancy, who knows? Maybe it’s also because I know quite a few people “in real life” and from the forum I am a member of, who have had unsuccessful pregnancies and/or premature babies).

So then of course this has got me worrying. (And also thinking about other peoples experiences). I haven’t really had any sickness during my pregnancy, only really very slight nausea every so often in the first trimester which was cured with eating. So that means that something is going to go wrong at some stage or my baby is going to be born unhealthy?! Add to this the fact I had bleeding around 14 weeks, I know this is quite normal in early pregnancy, but I am a self confessed worrier and have been worrying ever since that something is going to go wrong. 

So, did you have sickness or not in your pregnancy? And did everything go well or were there complications? 

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  1. I think what the person was referring to was this. In the first trimester it is sometimes believed that if you are sick, this is a good thing, because it means that there is a high amount of pregnancy hormone. In my case I was sick with both my miscarriages and also my pregnancy with Joseph. However with Joseph I got lots of crampy AF type pain that I didn't get with the other two.

    Who knows what it all means, but I would not worry at all about it and put it down to people just trying to make themselves feel better.

  2. Thanks for your replies ladies, just goes to show, the 'old wives tale' (which I've never actually heard of, same as many on Fbook!) is not always true

  3. I only ever had slight nausea with Kyle, was only sick once and had such an 'easy' pregnancy – the only problem I had was in labour, as he was back-to-back & had me in so much pain(but that's a whole different story!!!), so yes, very much an Old Wives Tale… :)) xx

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