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Bath times are a favourite in our house – well, who doesn’t love a bath? Both boys were not too keen on baths at first and would scream the place down, but now they both absolutely love bath time. J would stay in there all night if he could, even after the water has gone cold – he often stays in there playing once the water has disappeared down the plug hole!

If you watch my #voiceofmums video below then you will hear my first memory of baby bath time. This was the day after J was born, in the hospital. The midwife brought the mobile bath to my bed and showed us the ‘correct’ way to bath a newborn. I must admit J looked a bit confused at what was happening, and it was a bit much for us to take in too after not a lot of sleep. When we got home we just went with the flow really. As N was born at home, his first bath was in the big bath with his brother. I think he was a bit confused too but with J being there he soon got used to it.

I just love watching the boys play together in the bath (they have two drawers full of toys!) but my favourite bath time moment has to be washing their hair – it’s just so soft rubbing the shampoo or baby wash in and then I love the smell afterwards – I’m forever sniffing their hair! N’s favourite thing about bath time is his whale mirror; babies just love looking at themselves don’t they? He also loves to chew on the flannel! J is a little monkey as his favourite bath time moment seems to be when he has tipped water over the edge of the bath! That’s the thing he spends most of the time doing – transferring water from jugs to cups and so on.

We have no end of bubble bath as a bath isn’t a proper one without bubbles, is it? And there has to be lots of them. For the boys I tend to get gentle products as N has quite sensitive skin – one of our favourites is the Cussons Ultra Mild Head to Toe wash which is great as it’s also kind to eyes just in case of accidents – especially as J thrusts himself about when having hair washed as he doesn’t like it too much! There are so many more products to check out in the Cussons Mum & Me range too.

What are your favourite memories & moments of baby bath time?

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