18 weeks… and a bump (pic)

Sorry I have neglected you all since last Saturday, was rather busy all weekend as we went on holiday on Monday, and didn’t get back until Friday! So I never posted a 17 week update last Sunday either…

I haven’t really that much to report actually, the last couple of weeks have been quite uneventful regarding Baby G! Bump has grown a little but can’t really see that much difference since the last photo, though for a few days it did seem to be noticeably expanding overnight! 

During our holiday the ‘Funstars’ did a show called ‘Never Forget’, in which they sang We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn – well, I think baby must like this song as he/she was doing somersaults in my tummy which was pretty amazing! 

We loved our holiday, we will definitely be taking baby back next year if we can afford it! We didn’t want to leave and wished we could have stayed longer! 

Hubby & I after our 400ft climb to the top of a waterfall!  (Squinty as the sun was just appearing!)
Me on my quarter century birthday with my ‘Soba Mojito’ mocktail!

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