Snowed in | Snow days

Snow, snow day

Now, I’m not sure if you will have heard or not (jokes), but a lot of the UK was bombarded with snow last week. Tuesday, routine as usual. Kids go to school, mum enjoys the peace and quiet for a few hours, kids come home from school. Tea time, bath time, bed time. Relax. Go to bed yourself, expecting it to be like Groundhog Day again tomorrow.

Oh no. That wasn’t in the plans of Mother Nature. Especially not here in Lincolnshire. Nope. Good old Mother Nature wanted to throw those plans out of the window.

Wednesday, wake up. Shoo the kids out of your bed, where they decided to join you at stupid o’clock. Breakfast time then ready for school! Head downstairs. Open curtains. Oh. Em. Gee. There is a HUGE blanket of the white stuff – where did that come from? Before you say it, yes, the sky, obviously… 😉 

Knock knock. No, not the door. That’s my message notification. A text from school saying ‘We are closed’.


Snow, deep snow, boys in the snow, children in the snow

It was officially the boys’ first snow day – the excitement! They were dying to get outside in it to play. So breakfast was eaten, layers of clothes were put on. Then we went outside to join our neighbours with sleds.

We live opposite the River Trent, so up the riverbank we were able to go!

Snow, sledging

Snow, snow angel

Snow, sledging

Not that we would have been able to go further anyway as being right out here in the sticks, we ended up being snowed in for two days. Anybody who tried to leave the village in a normal car, got stuck!

Our second snow day happened to be Noah’s birthday, and I had planned for us to go to our local trampoline centre and then Pizza Hut, but obviously that didn’t happen. We weren’t able to collect his cake either so it was Mr Kipling to the rescue, for now!

Birthday, birthday cake, candle

Cabin fever soon set in as it ended up being way too cold to stay outside for long periods of time, so it was such a relief when we were finally able to leave the village on Friday and have birthday celebrations, albeit a day later than planned.

Clear roads, snow,

Now, the snow has all disappeared as we face the big thaw. So back to school, back to normal we go.

Were you blessed (or cursed?!) with the snow last week?

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