January Degustabox | Subscription Box Review

January Degustabox review

For a lot of people, January is the start of a new year health kick. This seemed to be the theme of the January Degustabox – aptly named “New Year, New Me” for the first few products. I will say, there were a few new brands to me in this box and I do try everything, but there were some I wasn’t so keen on. That’s not to say someone else wouldn’t be, of course.

  • Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products, many are completely new to the market!
  • Receive your Degustabox every month filled with goodies.
  • All for much less than you would pay in the shops!

So what was inside the January Degustabox?

January Degustabox contents

Mahtay Yerba Mate Sparkling Tea

I’m not really much of a tea drinker so I’ve never actually had sparkling tea, let alone cold tea. So, I was a little dubious of trying this. It’s a blend of South American yerba mate with coconut water and acai berries. To get straight to the point – I didn’t like it. It just didn’t taste right to me and I couldn’t drink more than a few sips. Regular tea drinkers may like it though!

Degustabox sparkling iced tea

Clipper Everyday Organic Tea

As I said above, I’m not really much of a tea drinker but I do like the odd mug every now & again. I’ve tried other Clipper flavoured teas before and always enjoyed them, so I was confident that I would probably like this. and in fact, it was the best cup of tea I’ve had in a long while. It wasn’t too strong of a tea flavour, and I would gladly drink it again.

Degustabox Clipper tea

Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster

This protein booster bar is perfect for those who are muscle building, packed with 13g of plant based protein. It’s described as having a cookie dough taste & texture; certainly true, but I also thought it tasted quite fudgy too! There are a good amount of dairy free choc chips in it, but I couldn’t tell they were dairy free at all. I really enjoyed this.

Degustabox protein bar

Pulsin Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

This protein powder is another that is great for those who are muscle building, with 22g of protein per 25g serving. It can simply be made up with milk or water, or added to a smoothie for extra nutrition. After the tasty choc chip protein booster from Pulsin, I had good expectations for this. I just made it up with milk, and I actually wasn’t keen; it had an odd taste that I can’t really place, and wasn’t vinalla enough for me. It may be nicer in a smoothie though!

LighterLife Fast Ready to Drink Shakes (Strawberry, Vanilla)

LighterLife is one of the diets I’ve never tried before, though I have heard of it. I do love a cheeky ready to drink milkshake, so I sort of expected this to be the same…. It wasn’t. It had quite an odd taste for me; sort of metallic. I did drink the whole bottle, but quite quickly as it just tasted too funny to savour. Definitely not for me.

Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettucine

This is another product I was a little sceptical about. I have used vegetable alternatives to pasta before but this was a completely new idea to me. The mung bean did put me off a little – as it just doesn’t sound very nice in general! – but it was surprisingly flavoursome. I tried this two ways; first, with some cooked chicken, tinned tomatoes, and herbs, and second, just mixed with some sweet chilli sauce.

Degustabox edamame mung bean fettucine

Miso Tasty Spicy Ramen Noodle Kit

There has been one of these kits in a previous Degustabox and I remember enjoying it, so I was looking forward to trying this slightly different version. I added mushrooms and cooked chicken, but I must say I didn’t really find it spicy, though it was super tasty nonetheless.

Degustabox ramen noodle kit

Latin American Kitchen By Santa Maria – Chipotle Mayo Topping

If you’ve read my review or recipe posts previously, you may already know that I love spicy food. Tell me something has chipotle chillies in it, and I’m there like “Hell yeah”. I also love mayo. But, I wasn’t so keen on the two of these together. Don’t get me wrong, it had the chipotle smoky flavour and was good on my nachos, but I’d probably choose other toppings over this in future.

Latin American Kitchen by Santa Maria – Colombian Crunchy Chicken Bites Seasoned Corn Coating

It’s been a while since I’ve made my own crispy coated chicken so I was eager to try this. Using the recipe on the packet, there is plenty to go around for a family feast. The chicken pieces actually turned out crispier than I expected, and they stayed crispy rather than going soggy, so I was impressed. It does say it is a mild blend, but I thought they were more spicy than mild.

Degustabox chicken corn coating

Robinsons Fruit Cordial (Raspberry, Rhubarb & Orange Blossom)

We go through a lot of cordial in our house – it’s mainly me & Noah that drink it – so it’s always pleasant to find a bottle in the Degustabox. This new variety from Robinsons – a combination of real fruit and botanical flavours – was the first time I’d come across it, and I really liked the sound of the flavour in my box. The predominant flavour in this one was raspberry, but I could taste undertones of the other flavours too.

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks

Tinned tuna is one of my favourite jacket potato toppings, so that’s what I did with this; mixed with some sweetcorn and mayo – typical flavour combination! I’m pretty sure I’ve had this before, but this time I followed the instructions and didn’t drain the juices; I mixed them into the tuna and they did actually add to the flavour. I love the fact that this is a sustainable brand too.

Jordans Juicy Red Berry Frusli Bars

I was aware that Jordans made Frusli muesli, but I didn’t know they also made these bars. I love anything oaty so I kept these to myself. They were really delicious and juicy with the substantial amount of cranberries and raisins. Certainly great for an on-the-run breakfast to keep you going.

Hersheys Cookies N Creme 5 Pack Snack Pack

I have to say, I’ve never been a great fan of Hersheys; it wouldn’t be near the top of my list for my go to chocolate, anyway. I always thought it tasted a bit odd, so I was a bit dubious of trying this, just in case… I was pleasantly surprised though. It tasted just like usual white chocolate really, with crunchy crushed cookie pieces in it, which is always a good thing. The bars are quite small, but perfect to take along for a picnic, or stick in a packed lunch.

Degustabox Hershey's snack bars

Mallow & Marsh Coconut Marshmallow Bar

This was actually the first thing I demolished from this box – the whole bar was massive and I suppose I could have shared it, but nah! I think I’ve entered giveaways from this brand over on Twitter, but it was the first time actually trying one of their products. The marshmallow was so light & fluffy, and the coconut covering it just added to the deliciousness! I really want to try the other flavours too.

Degustabox marshmallow bar

You can get your first box for £7.99 by using the code KO8PW!

RRP – £12.99

My rating – 3.5/5

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. Stacey it’s nice to hear that you found your favorite tea. I didn’t like teas before but now I see how important they are in my life. A great hydration drink that affects our health also.

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