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Bohns rubs review

Just one of the great things about Slimming World is the fact I can eat as much lean meat as I like, and not have to worry about counting syns on it. Some ready prepared meats with flavourings are synnable (yes, that is a word in SW vocabulary) so I try to buy it plain and add my own syn free flavourings. Whether it be a pre-prepared spice mix or I mix my own; but recently I was sent some rubs & spices to try from Bohns. They are all syn free too which is great news for Slimming World followers!

Thomas Bohn has been on a quest across the globe and back in a search for the perfect mix of spices and seasoning able to elevate taste to new heights.

He left a boy and came back a man, a slightly heavier man full of the tastes of the finest slow cooked BBQ’s from the land of stars and stripes. Here he discovered the secrets to rubbing butt’s and adding spice to his life and his cooking.

In his experiences, the tastiest and most succulent meat is produced from slow cooking methods with spices, sauces and marinades generously applied giving taste sensations we only seem to experience in restaurants.

Now armed with these recipes learnt on the road and honed in the kitchen, Thomas Bohn brings you a range of rubs and spices guaranteed to add new dimensions to your meats, sauces, vegetables and dips.

My thoughts

I love the humour from the Bohns brand with the names for each of them – like Breast Enhancer for chicken! The packaging imagery is great to look at too, really eye-catching. I was sent the Lamb’N Season, Fish Hook, Steak Mate, and All Spice blends. They are all pretty big packets being 125g each (except fish Hook which is 100g), and they all smelled amazing as soon as I opened the box!

Bohns packs

They’re super easy to use – either just sprinkle on and rub in, or you can spread a little oil (or Fry Light) on first and then sprinkle and rub. I found them to be fine to rub without any oil though, from the wetness of the meat or fish.

All Spice

I’ve mostly used this one on chips in the Actifry. It gives off a myriad of different flavours and works wonderfully with sweet potato; it adds a depth of spice to compliment the sweetness without taking the flavour of the sweet potato away.

Lamb’N Season

I used Lamb’N Season on lamb shoulder steaks, and the smell even when it was cooking had my mouth watering. You associate rosemary with lamb, and this definitely had a complimentary flavour. I thought it was just a little spice overpowering for lamb though. It hasn’t stopped me from using it again though!

Bohns Lamb'N Season

Fish Hook

This one is recommended for use on white fish. I’ve used it on both basa and cod fillets and it compliments them wonderfully. It has a tang to it, with a very definitive citrus flavour but not at all overpowering. I bake my fish in the oven and the seasoning stays put unlike some.

Bohns fish hook

Steak Mate

When I have steak with flavouring on, I like a lot, and this one is great for that. It’s not overly spicy, but has peppery tones to it which a good flavour combination for steak. On the pack it says it makes a great seasoning for roast potatoes – I must try that one!

Bohns steak mate
RRP – £4.45 each

My rating – 4/5

I was sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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