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I first wrote about J and potty training when he was two years old – so nearly a year ago – and we have been on & off with it ever since. We reviewed Dry Like Me potty training pads back in the summer last year but we didn’t get very far with them as he just wasn’t showing much interest. We haven’t been forceful with it, we have just gone with the flow and let him lead the way but recently we have been encouraging him a little more.

A couple of months ago Nanna bought him a Thomas Tank musical potty as we thought it might encourage him a bit more. Still, he hasn’t really shown a lot of interest until recently when he’s been sitting on it for longer and longer but still not doing anything (though he tells us he has, but we know he’s telling porkies as it didn’t make a noise!).

We always ask before bed time if he wants to go on it and he usually refuses but last night he finally did, and sat there for the longest time yet; well, a midst getting on & off it as he has the patience of a gnat! I guess he didn’t really ‘need’ it at the beginning, but after giving him some reading material and him sitting there for half an hour, we heard some music… He had done a wee wee! I didn’t realise how excited I would get – we made sure to give him lots of praise which involved lots of high pitched squealing from me and lots of clapping, he was over the moon.

So now we’re hoping that now he’s done it once and knows what the potty does, that he will want to go on it more often – in fact he got out of bed and asked to go on it again!

I’m such a proud Mummy, what a great ending to Mother’s Day.

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  1. Aww! Bless him! You must be so very proud!
    Well done J x

  2. Start of success I feel, a real milestone to have them potty trained, though you have an age ahead of reminding them when they are playing with "do you need a wee?"

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