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Earlier in the week I wrote about hoping to join a Slimming World group but my anxiety was holding me back – I only went and did it! I was really anxious in the days leading up to going but I eventually found myself a real life partner instead of just online support.

When it came to going, I was more nervous about walking there and being mugged or kidnapped or something on the way! (I don’t live in the greatest neighbourhood). There’s the anxiety again for you. Anyway, once I arrived at the location it is held at, I started to feel quite sick and shaky so I had a sit down, did some breathing and composed myself before I went in. My partner was already sat waiting for me (sorry B!) and then we had the new member chat and went through everything. The consultant is really lovely too.

It was then time to go around the group with losses and tips etc., and although I’m glad I didn’t have to talk in front of everyone this week, I think I might just be okay next week for my first weigh in session. I will just let the consultant know that I may not say much.

I’ve had a look through the books and I’m also a member of a couple of small groups on Facebook so I can get tips & ideas from there, and Instagram is a great source too! I think my greatest difficulty will be staying away from too much bread & crisps but I know I can syn these if I get really desperate! I’ve planned my meals for this week and so far it’s going well – I’m nervous yet excited for my first weigh in!

As I did on my previous weight loss journey, I don’t mind sharing my weight each week with an update. After being up & down for five years with my weight loss, I’ve learned to not be ashamed as it might just inspire someone else. Once upon a time I was a ‘thinspiration’ – I wonder if that will ever happen again!

So here goes, my starting stats (I haven’t set a final target yet):

  • starting weight – 13st 4.5 lbs
  • Club 10 target weight – 11st 13.5 lbs


Anybody else starting a weight loss journey this year?

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  1. Well done for going! I hope you'll find the motivation to inspire you there and that being amongst other people will keep you going! I'm always struggling to keep on top of my weight. I'm not starting a weight loss journey so much as continuing one and I know its an endless battle! I really like what I eat though so I don't feel I'm missing out on anything and I do lots of walking so get plenty of exercise. My diet is just a healthy eating plan of my own making after reading lots and lots and lots of different ideas and information. You can adjust to a different diet so that you hardly notice things you think you'd miss. Who'd have thought I could manage without chocolate and not really care!
    Anyway, enough of my waffle (its calorie free though haha) I just wanted to send some support and wish you good luck!

    1. Thank you! You're correct, it's the being amongst others that will keep me going this time, as I know I CAN do it, it's just the extra motivation and support I need now!

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