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As an avid reader and now writing my own book review blog, I want to make sure that my boys love reading too. J is at that stage now where he is starting to want to read them himself, and he sometimes reads to his brother, too (when he’s feeling a sharing mood). At the minute though it’s the case that I read them a few times and J memorises it so is able to repeat, which I think is wonderful! We were recently sent two new books from Little Tiger Press which he has taken to; they are his new favourites at the minute.

The first one is Zip It! (which is part of the My Little World series). J isn’t the only one who loves this book; I’ve taken quite a liking to it, too! It’s a great little – well, big really – book with lots of fastenings to practice on and little animal stories to go with them. The fastenings include a zip, a button/hole, velcro, a snap button (this one is the only one which is a little tough, even I have a little difficulty getting it open), and laces. The stories rhyme which I think is great for children as they are easy to remember, too. The book also includes pictorial instructions and J has managed to follow them fairly easily. When we go on a car journey he often wants to take this one with him.

Zip It!

The second book we received to review is Train! This one is all about a little elephant who loves his toy train, but his friends, penguin and rabbit, like to play with their plane and car. They don’t really want to play together as they much prefer their own toys but will a trip on a train encourage them to? Their arguing over their toys introduces a great rhyming part to the story and J loves reading along with this bit. When I’m reading the book to them, both boys are full of giggles so even though N doesn’t really understand it at his age, the rhythm of the story is funny for him. This is also a great story for teaching about friendship and sharing. Since we’ve had this book, there has been more than one day where I’ve had to read it more than once, so it’s another new favourite for us!


Both books can be purchased from Amazon. Zip It! is RRP £8.99, and Train! is RRP £4.99. I would definitely buy both of these books at this price, they are very much worth it, especially Zip It! for the educational as well as fun factor.

Our rating – 4.5/5

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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  1. I love the Zip It book, my little one loves zips and things so that would be perfect for her! Thank you for sharing 🙂 #TriedandTestedTuesday

  2. The Zip It book looks great for helping little people learn how to fasten their own clothes 🙂


  3. They both sound lovely, but Zip It looks fantastic – my daughter is just at the stage of wanting to get herself dressed, but having got trapped in her own vest, a bit of practice with poppers etc would be ideal 🙂

  4. Zip it looks great – I love the idea of something which helps to develop those skills. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. These both look and sound like great books…..I do especially like the look of the Zip It one 🙂 x

  6. I love the zip, anything interactive really helps children learn

  7. I keep seeing the Zip It book and I really want it for my youngest, so clever and fun! thanks for sharing with #readwithme x

  8. I love the look of these, roll on my grandchildren days.

  9. what a cute book. My nephews would love this! #readwithme

  10. My son would like this-he likes books that he can interact with very much.

  11. Great books. I love the look of the Zip it book x #readwithme

  12. Lucas says – These are a bit young for me but I know a few members of the GL Gang that these would be perfect for. The pictures are awesome – so bright and colourful. #readreview

  13. I really love the look of these two books especially Zip It! #readwithme

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