A colourful patterned rectangle box on a white wood effect background. On the box it says "Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads"

Let’s talk about periods. If you’d asked me years ago if I would ever consider using reusable sanitary pads, my answer would have been no.

I remember having a conversation on Twitter where somebody was raving about them and I was quite definitely against it. The slightly less mature me probably didn’t even give a justifiable reason. Just no.

Nowadays however, I am more aware of the issues surrounding sustainability and being eco-friendly. And as my body has changed, so have my preferences about what kind of personal, hygiene, and beauty products I use.

Trade To Aid reusable sanitary pads have changed how I feel about my periods for the better.

Trade To Aid reusable sanitary pads

The inside of the lid of the box containing reusable sanitary pads. The box has writing on with headings Our Reusable Sanitary Pads, How To Use, This Pack Contains, Our Mission, Supporting Refugees, Menstrual Education

For each pack of period pads you buy, Trade To Aid will donate a pack to a refugee needing period products.

What’s included?

You will receive six resuable sanitary pads, two each of three sizes. These are heavy flow, medium flow, and light flow. Each period pad is made from high-quality, super-soft bamboo charcoal and recycled plastic. You will also receive a waterproof wet bag in the matching pattern.

A selection of colourful reusable sanitary pads. Three of them are folded, wearing side facing up. One of them is unfolded, wearing side facing up. One of them is unfolded, outer side facing up. The waterproof wet bag is above the sanitary pads to the left. The instructions are above to the right.

Easy to read & understand instructions are also included. However after the first use, it’s like second nature!

A piece of paper with instructions of how to use reusable sanitary pads. The instructions are sat on top of the pads.

What did I think?

I certainly had a great first impression upon opening the reusable pads. The colours and design are vibrant and encouraging to want to use them. The pads need washing before their first use to help absorbency.

I’ve been using the pads for a few cycles but I was converted to reusable even after my first use. Aside from hygiene and comfort, it makes me feel good to know I’m not contributing to landfills with disposables.

The comfort of them was the primary aspect for me. I’d recently started becoming sensitive to disposable sanitary pads and found myself sore. With Trade To Aid reusable pads, I can hardly tell I’m wearing one, particularly with the light and medium flow. I am a little more aware of the heavy flow; however, I don’t need those as often.

A small rectangular box with six folded reusable sanitary pads, side by side. The box in on a white wood effect background.

My periods don’t last very long (or come as often!) nowadays and I only have one or two heavy flow days. I’ve never had any leaks, even when using the medium flow pads.

The light flow pads are also helpful for those horrible “discharge days” to keep you feeling fresh. I’ve managed my periods with only one pack of pads, but I would suggest two packs if you have longer, heavier periods.

The quality and absorbency of the pads is as good as new after multiple washes. The wet bag and light & medium flow pads don’t take long to dry after washing. However the heavy flow pads take a few hours due to the thickness.

Where to buy

Trade To Aid reusable sanitary pads are available to purchase here. They cost £29.97 with free UK delivery.

I was sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.


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