How to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

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With some simple lifestyle changes and upgrades to your interior and exterior, you create a more sustainable living space this year. This way not only will you save on your bills, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment. Sustainability is the most important thing trending in interior design at the moment, so feel free to be as creative and individual as you can, thinking of new ways you can improve your home. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Sustainable Materials

If you need to do larger-scale renovation, opt for good quality natural materials. Things like marble, stone, and strong woods. These will create a timeless look and will last you much longer. It’s important nowadays to look to the future, and most people are going for more durable materials to furnish their homes. This will also reduce your carbon footprint as you won’t be wasting as many emissions on manufacture and transportation. If you’re even thinking about a rebuild or buying a new home, consider consulting a Registered Builder who has a more sustainable outlook. 

Be More Energy-Efficient

If you own your home or are thinking of getting a new place, you could consider installing solar panels. This way you will be using an alternative energy resource. In order to save on your gas and electricity consumption as well, there are several things you can do. 

Reduce electricity waste by switching all your light bulbs to LEDs. These are much more energy-efficient. This will last you a long time and don’t waste energy on heat loss. You can use them outside as well as they can withstand any harsh weather conditions. 

Save on gas by ensuring your place is properly insulated. This is key to any sustainable home. Replace all your windows with double glazing. This will reduce heat loss and protect you from the cold as well. You will, therefore, save a lot of money on heating and air-conditioning. Get some new rugs and carpets, second-hand or antique if possible, to help insulate the floor. If you can, get a new boiler too, so you can trap heat within your property. The Gasworks Edinburgh boiler company can help you with that.

Recycle and Upcycle

Try to recycle as much as possible to reduce your waste. Use the government containers to separate your waste and make sure everyone you live with knows how to as well. Try to avoid wasting plastic and consider buying things you can reuse.

Upcycling is a fantastic trend in which you can give a new use to old household objects and materials to make something new for your home. You can use this as a technique to refurbish old furniture and to decorate the house. There are millions of inspiring ideas online. You can do the same in your garden as well.

Support Local Businesses

Is there a store near you where you can refill your own containers? This is the most sustainable way to shop. Try to support smaller businesses and be conscious of where your food and household products come from. This will help you to find out if they’re ethically and locally sourced. 

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