40 weeks and a midwife appointment

I haven’t updated over the last week, been too busy trying to get this little man out! Well it obviously didn’t work, as I made it to my due date!

We had our 40 week appointment yesterday, which I thought was a little odd being on a Sunday, but there was a midwife there, just the one! Maybe they only see you on a Sunday if it’s your due date… Anyway, everything seemed fine, except for a protein trace in my sample. Which was the same when we went to the hospital when he wasn’t moving. She’s sent it off and I’ll get a phone call if I need antibiotics, although I’ve not heard anything from the last one… My blood pressure was fine as usual, and he’s in a good position. Bump is only measuring at 38 weeks though, which worried me a little, but I know it’s normal to measure 2 weeks either side so I don’t feel too bad about that now. He still has a good strong heartbeat. Now for the part which frustrated me a little… The little monkey is still only 3/5 engaged, meaning he’s moved only 2/5 in 2 weeks! He really doesn’t want to come out, does he?! 

I have to admit, I did get upset over this as I’m still feeling a little fed up, as I’ve been having cramps for the last couple of weeks, and a show for the last week or so too, making me think that something was going to happen. And my BH were quite regular and strong all day on Friday, but no, nothing. We got home and I just cried. Hubby was very lovely though and gave me cuddles, and told me he was feeling a little of the same too, which I was grateful for as he doesn’t usually tell me how he feels, unless I ask. He made me some lunch, and then we decided to go for a walk. We already went for one on the Saturday but didn’t go far as he had to get back to go to work. So yesterday we walked for over an hour, and I must admit the fresh air and the sunset did make me feel a bit better. We used to do this all the time, I really enjoyed myself and I realise that I missed it. 



We will definitely be going for regular walks when little man finally makes his appearance. 

As for future appointments, if baby doesn’t arrive this week, I have to go back next Sunday at 41 weeks for a stretch & sweep. I’m going to take another walk this afternoon, to meet hubby from work as he’s gone on his bike rather than taking the car, and then we’re going out this evening for our friends little boy’s birthday. Aren’t they supposed to start making their appearance when you have plans?!

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