Little man N at 1 year 8 months old

It’s been so long since I’ve posted an update for N – 3 months in fact! What with my impromptu blog break, then trying to catch up, then having to take another impromptu break when we moved and were without Internet… But hopefully I am finally getting back on track now!
So N hasn’t been officially weighed for a long time but both boys like getting on the scales at home when I do, and it seems N is just over 2 stone heavy – only a stone lighter than his brother, yikes! He is a proper gannet though, but I think his weight has leveled out a lot since he has been on the move.
Speaking of which, he follows his brother absolutely everywhere and he is a proper little stunt man, even braver than J in fact! He is always getting bumps & bruises as he can’t tell danger quite the same as J yet. He really does look up to J though and wants to be just like him with everything, including the toilet!
He is quite the monkey and is obsessed with hitting the tv – I forgot how annoying that stage was! He is still into everything else too – everywhere he shouldn’t be. He is becoming a proper little helper though and helps to fetch wood for the boiler, cleans up (after he’s made a huge mess!), helps with the shopping… Sometimes it can be more hindrance than help though!

He is a really quick learner and has started putting his shoes on by himself, getting himself dressed (or at least attempting to), eating with cutlery, and he has learned so many new words recently and follows instructions really well – when he wants to, anyway! He had his very first hair cut a few weeks ago. I hated getting rid of his curls, but I know they will grow back quickly as J still has some.
Current favourites
Food – Banana
Drink – Weak squash
Toys – Hobby horse
Books – Octopus Socktopus
TV – Mr Tumble
New words
Diddle (willy!)
Bot bot (milk)
Stick (bread stick)

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