Ideal Home Show at Christmas – 12-15 November 2015, EventCity Manchester

November is here, and in this house it means it is the beginning of the count down for that thing that is happening next month. It begins with a ‘C’. You know, Christmas?… Yes, I’m one of those people that gets excited about it ridiculously early and will probably bore everyone to death with it by the time it rolls around! But it’s good to be prepared, right?

This year is the first time we will be hosting Christmas Day in our own home; previous years we have alternated between going to our parents’ houses but this year we don’t even have to set foot out of the door if we don’t want to! One thing it does mean though is lots of planning as I will have a Christmas dinner to cook for six people – eek! I have cooked for that many before, but not for such a special occasion.

And of course, now we live in a (big) house, there is much more space for me to decorate – hubby is not looking forward to that, hee hee! J is though, he wanted to start on the first day of the month! Though even I’m not that bad. I will be looking in various places for inspiration though; in shops, on TV, social media. But the place I am most excited about looking for inspiration is The Ideal Home Show at Christmas, taking place from the 12th-15th November between 10am-5pm at EventCity in Manchester.

There will be seven section to the show including Interiors, Home Improvements, Food & Housewares, Technology, Gardens, Fashion & Beauty and Shopping. A whole host of celebrities, chefs and experts will also be in attendance, including Gino D’Acampo, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, Olly Smith, and Katie Piper. I just know I am going to be coming away from the show absolutely buzzing and full of ideas for Christmas interiors and food; watch this space!

Will I be seeing you there?

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