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I’ll start with my weigh in from last week. I lost half a pound. Not great, but better off than on. 

Sticking to my plan hasn’t gone so well this week, in fact over the weekend it was a total write off. On Saturday we went to Birmingham Zoo with friends, and had a picnic, and then a pizza for tea, and then on Sunday we were at a Christening with a BBQ for afters! And then there was yummy cake of course, of which I had some there and then brought some home too, oops. Apart from those episodes though, I’ve been rather good. This is also considering that I’m having a bit of a downer at the minute with our mc due date looming, and am constantly in one of those moods where I just want to eat chocolate (the unopened bar of Creations is still in the cupboard, along with a Maltesers bunny which I bought last week!).

My goals for this week have been to exercise more, and drink more water. I have done both, though exercise = walking in my case, and I have drank more water but still not as much as I should be doing! It’s something which I need to work on even more. 

So in general, I’m not really expecting a great loss come Friday, but I’m going to try my hardest next week! 

I’m joining in with The Naked Mum’s Wobbles Wednesday linky.

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  1. Half a pound is still good, especially since you're having a tough week. Good luck for the week ahead!

  2. Take care of you and accept that sometimes some things matter way more than weight loss.
    Thanks for linking up with me at Naked Mum and for your support which has really helped me

  3. Well done on the half a pound it all adds up, good luck for next week.

  4. When I lose half a pound I have to keep telling myself that a loss is a loss and think positively. Good luck for your nest weigh in 🙂

  5. You're so right, they do. You're welcome 🙂

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