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I am rather late with posting this update – over three weeks in fact – but better late than never, hey?! (I’m sure I’ve said that before…). So it seems N is on that precipice between baby and toddler, which I have named the boddler stage (well actually Sarah at Let Them Be Small suggested the term over on Twitter, and I’ve stolen it, I think it’s great!). He is becoming so much like his brother and I’m not sure who I have to watch more nowadays, N or J! He’s definitely developing his own mega cheeky little personality that I think will be with him for life.

He still hasn’t been weighed since his ten month check, but I must really get around to doing it soon. I’m not at all worried about his weight as I think he’s leveling out now he’s on the move a lot more, I’m just curious as to how much he weighs now – I think it’s almost as much as his brother though, by the feel of him! He is still on one bottle in the evening before bed time and he definitely knows when it’s milk time as he sounds like he’s having a panic attack until he gets it! He had his one year vaccinations and was such a brave boy, he only gave a little whimper on the third one. They didn’t affect him as much as they did with J when he came out in a huge rash with his MMR reaction, though he was a bit under the weather with cold-like symptoms and just wanted lots of snuggles. He’s also had first proper bout of sickness on & off over a week or so – I’m not sure if it was jab related or just a bug or something, but it wasn’t pleasant changing his sheets…

He is turning into such a cheeky monkey and is into absolutely everything, so much more than his brother was (and he was bad enough!). He likes to empty the toy boxes all over the floor and then use them as an alternative walker and slide them up & down the hallway – it amuses him so much and he does it for ages! He is also obsessed with taking J’s potty apart – luckily with nothing in it! He really doesn’t like naps and is almost on the verge of giving them up at around the same age J did. It is practically impossible trying to get him down for a nap, but then he is so tired he falls asleep whilst eating his lunch! I have no end of photos of (literal) lunch time nap photos.

Look at those eyelashes!

He is yet to develop any new words, though we’ve had slight inklings of words forming, such as ‘ta’ and ‘nana’ – it’s not clear at the minute so I’m not sure whether it’s just something he’s rambling or an actual word. Though he’s been advanced in other areas compared to J, I think he may be a bit more delayed with his speech as J tends to talk for him. He is certainly noisy though so he definitely has a voice!

I mentioned in his last update that he was dying to walk. He finally built up his confidence and took his first steps, at just under 13 months old! He is very on & off with it and very stumbly still but I’m sure his confidence will grow further and he’ll be off at super speed in no time. We were very excited and also took him to get his first pair of shoes; it seems we have another bigfoot in the family with a size 4H.

We did get an official first shoes photo but I can’t be bothered to dig it out!

Current favourites
Food – Bananas
Drink – Milk
Toys – J’s potty!
Books – Anything J has!

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