28 weeks and a routine appointment

Sorry I haven’t posted much in the last week or so, been mega busy with final Christmas preparations, mainly baking! I was wrapping presents on Sunday and seem to have hurt my lower back/bum, and it hurts when I bend over/go to sit down, I’m sure that’s just normal pregnancy pains though as it doesn’t seem to be there ALL the time, it’s more apparent to me when I’ve been quite active. 

Sunday saw me at 28 weeks – finally reaching the third trimester! All I can say to that is ‘EEK!’! 

I’m going to be exactly 29 weeks on Christmas Day so that will be the best present I have ever had.

I have another random funny dream to report – I can’t remember it in detail but the most important/funniest bits are remembered – it was another dog dream, I seem to be dreaming a lot about those! The Yorkshire Terrier from my previous dream made a reappearance. It was attacking me (again!), and then it stole my purse, ran off with it in its mouth, back to its ‘house’, which happened to be a giant carrier bag! What the?!…


I went for my GTT results/routine midwife appointment today (combined this with antenatal clinic for my results, as there was no point in having two appointments at different places in the same week). My GTT was fine, no GD! But, there was some protein and leukocytes in my urine sample, so they have sent it off to check I don’t have a UTI (even though I don’t have any other symptoms apart from peeing a lot). It could mean signs of pre-eclampsia but my blood pressure was normal, the same as last time. Listened to baby’s heartbeat, it was nice & strong! Bump was measuring okay too. 

So, since my GTT was okay, I have been discharged from the consultant! Meaning only midwife visits now, unless I’m referred for anything or have any problems. 

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