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Well today was GTT day after bringing it forward from Saturday! I’ve had 3 pricks in the space of 2 hours, aren’t I a lucky girl?! Hehe…

Well the day could have started off better. Husband was working so I had to get the bus. I was early at the bus stop, as I usually am, but, also as usual, the bus was about 10 minutes late! Meaning I was going to be late! It’s (supposed) to be a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the hospital; my appointment was at half 9 and the bus got there at 9.15 so that gave me an extra 5 minutes. Well,  I wish someone would have told me it was slushy outside too! The slush meant I had to walk slower, slower than my normal slow pace at the minute, but even though I walked slower I took a tumble! I landed on my side though rather than my stomach, so it could have been worse. When I got to the hospital little man was giving me a kicking so it must have woken him up (sorry!). I actually got there at 9.32 but I think their clock is a couple of minutes fast so I was actually *just* on time. 

They must have been running late because I didn’t actually get called through until 9.45. Went through all the normal questions, then said I was going to the ante natal clinic rather than the midwife next week for my 28 week check. So she took my week 28 bloods then instead so they will be back for next week. Then I got my finger pricked to test my blood sugar level which was 4.4, and then I had to drink a full bottle of Lucozade in 5 mins, bleugh! *burp burp* I can’t drink fizzy drinks too fast so it made me feel a bit sick, along with the fact I hadn’t eaten since 10.40pm last night and had only had half a glass of water before I left home. 

I kept feeling dizzy & sick so occasionally hung with my head out of the window to get some fresh air! (I was in a room by myself as there was no ante natal clinic today so it wasn’t needed, I also got some of my book read!) Skip 2 hours and back she came, and took some more blood out of my other arm. So now I have 2 nice bruises appearing and 2 achy arms (still!). If there are any problems then the midwife will ring me, otherwise I will find out the results at my appointment next week.

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