The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 38

Wednesday 12th February – 38w
Two weeks to go!

Once I’d taken little man to nursery this morning, I came home and crawled back into bed – I woke up again 2.5 hours later so I must have needed the sleep! I was awoken by a yucky dream though – with ants crawling all over me! Previous to that one I’d had another one where I was discussing home births with a pregnant friend, and she asked if we needed to provide bed socks for the baby? Anyway…

Thursday 13th February – 38w 1d
I’ve been in so much pain today with this damn SPD, hardly been able to move. Please hurry up baby.

I’ve also come to the decision that we’re having a boy. I don’t know why, just finally have a ‘feeling’! 

Friday 14th February – 38w 2d
Eviction proceedings are now underway! Only spicy food and bouncing on the ball so far, but may have to resort to more drastic measures at some point… Maybe like what got us into this position in the first place! *Snigger*

Saturday 15th February – 38w 3d
I could have fallen asleep standing today. I’m feeling quite fed up now. Sigh. Though I have been getting no end of Braxton Hicks, probably just getting my hopes up…

Sunday 16th February – 38w 4d
Had another strange dream last night. I was just wandering about (somewhere) and I had a really bad urge to pee, so I knocked on somebody’s door to ask to use the toilet – it happened to be a dinosaur that answered…

I’ve also been in tears nearly all day because I’m so tired, little man keeps getting up earlier & earlier and I just can’t take it any more right now. 

Monday 17th February – 38w 5d
After the BH on Saturday, I’ve been getting cramps on & off for the last couple of days, though they don’t seem to be coming to anything. Grr…

Tuesday 18th February – 38w 6d
I had a home visit from the midwife today, as she needed to check my gases anyway (which are all still okay by the way) so there was no point in me going in. All is well with me – BP is fine, and for once my wee was clear of anything! Bump is still measuring 37 weeks but it’s nothing of concern at the minute as it’s only one week behind. Baby’s heartbeat was fine and they are still head down, but still only 1/5 engaged which deflated me a bit – was hoping it may have moved further down by now! Oh well, at least it’s not going back the other way! The BH have reappeared too, leaving me quite breathless…

At 38 weeks, berry is the size of a leek.
They may have taken their first bowel movement of meconium by now!
They are practicing breathing and urinating.
They can use their fingers to grasp very tightly.
The fat stores are still continuing to build.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 35

Wednesday 22nd January – 35w
It was little man’s first day at nursery today, so I haven’t done an awful lot other than a bit of housework, and some blogging. After walking to nursery and back I was in so much pain so couldn’t really do much else. It’s been strange being on my own all day though, reminded me a bit of when I was pregnant with him!

Thursday 23rd January – 35w 1d
Been so tired today, all I’ve wanted to do was sleep. The health visitor also came for an antenatal visit – I never had one of these with little man so it must be a new thing, I was slightly worried beforehand! All she really came for though was to see how I’m feeling and let me know about the health visitor service after baby arrives. Oh, and give me a load of leaflets which I didn’t really need anyway. 

Friday 24th January – 35w 2d
Baby has been very active today – I recorded nearly as many movements in 3 hours this morning, as I usually get in a whole day! 

Saturday 25th January – 35w 3d
I had a really horrid dream last night. I can’t remember it in detail (or anything that came before what I can remember) as it was slightly traumatic. For some reason little man slept in the bath (!) and I slept on the bathroom floor (again, !) but in the same instance I was also having a miscarriage. I even found it hard to just write that as it has worried me so much. As well as that I had a rubbish night’s sleep from the SPD pain. 

I’ve discovered a new craving today though – pick ‘n’ mix! We were out and I couldn’t go home until I had some! 

Monday 27th January – 35w 5d
I actually woke up without pain today (other than backache). It didn’t last long though, unsurprisingly. I’m also coming down with the cough/cold that little man seems to have picked up. It better jog on, yucky! 

Tuesday 28th January – 35w 6d
No such luck, I now have a sore throat to go with it. Oh what joy when I can’t take an awful lot for it. 

At 35 weeks, berry is the size of a honeydew melon.
The organs are developed and are now becoming more defined each week.
The central nervous system is maturing.
The digestive system is almost complete.
The lungs are almost fully developed.
The main job over the remaining weeks is to put on weight.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 33

Wednesday 8th January – 33w
I had some really weird dreams last night. Number 1 – I was in a giant hall where I had to cook Christmas dinner for 100 people. The oven door fell off in the middle of service and burned both my legs and an arm so I had to go to hospital. (I think I’ve been watching too much MasterChef). Number 2 – I was chosen to test out a new type of hair colouring treatment. But I had to leave it overnight and they locked me in a room in a basement… (?!). Number 3 – I had started attending a Slimming World diet group. The first group I attended they had a quiz, but I got a question wrong so they arrested me… (another ?!).

Saturday 11th January – 33w 3d
Baby has been in another odd position today, I had hiccups high up in my right side at one point! Also those lightening/stabbing pains have started, I forgot how bloomin’ painful they were. 

Sunday 12th January – 33w 4d
Nesting seems to have kicked in today. I never had the urge with little man. But today I have been sorting baby clothes out, cleaning like mad, and moving rooms around! (Oops). 

Monday 13th January – 33w 5d
It now feels like baby is trying any means to get out already – headbutting, kicking, poking – all of which are making me feel a bit sick with all the wriggling too. 

We’ve also started looking for double pushchairs (though I will probably be baby-wearing mostly, but I like to be prepared and it will still be used, I’m sure). It’s giving me headache, it is so much harder than choosing a single one! 

Tuesday 14th January – 33w 6d
Before we went to sleep last night, I said to hubby that I’ll probably be dreaming about pushchairs overnight – and I did! 

I also woke up with a really tight pain in my stomach this morning. It was just constant so I took paracetamol, which helped and it pretty much eased off after a while so I think it was maybe just a bad tummy or something. If it hadn’t I would have headed to antenatal once hubby was home from work.

At 33 weeks, berry is the size of a pineapple.
Over the next four weeks they will put on half a pound per week.
Their skin is turning from red to pink as they are accumulating more fat.
Their developing neural structure is helping them to listen, feel and partially see.
The skeleton is hardening, though the skull bones will not fuse together completely.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 29

Wednesday 11th December – 29w
Backache seems to have really kicked in now. I walked to & from the supermarket with little man in his pushchair, 10 minutes each  way, and by the time I got home I could barely move. Again, it was never like this with little man. Not a lot I can do about it though other than get a support or something! 

Friday 13th December – 29w 2d
Pregnancy dream time, two of them last night. The first one, all of the Fast & Furious movies were banned after Paul Walker’s death, but hubby was an obsessed fan and just couldn’t stop himself but he got caught by the police and nearly got shot. The second one I can’t remember in detail so it seems rambled, but it was something like the following… I was with a group of friends exploring a haunted house, watched over by a strange man who just sat in the corner of a room with a newspaper. Outside there was a graveyard but the man said it was OK to have a look, but as we were leaving he started digging it up and a load of zombies crawled out… So we all ran away. The end. 

Saturday 14th December – 29w 3d
I can definitely feel hiccups today! I’d forgotten how cute that was! 

Sunday 15th December – 29w 4d
Have had so many sharp pains down below today, from this baby trying to kick (or punch!) its way out, ouch! On top of that I’ve had an awful headache all day making me feel dizzy; along with being tired all I’ve wanted to do is lie in bed (no such luck though). 

Monday 16th December – 29w 5d
I think berry has been lying transverse today, it has been SO uncomfortable, and quite painful actually. Also had a phone call about the swabs I had taken saying I have a bacterial infection (I feel like a yucky person as I hate to be dirty!) and I have to take a week’s course of medication then have more swabs to see if it has gone. I also need to book my flu jab when I go to collect my prescription. 

Tuesday 17th December – 29w 6d
I’ve been feeling a little fed up lately for various reasons so have lost all motivation to do anything. If anybody finds it, please return it to me?! 

At 29 weeks, berry is the size of a butternut squash.
The sensory organs are well developed and berry is beginning to regulate their own temperature.
The bone marrow is now completely in charge of producing red blood cells.
The lungs are developed enough to breathe air.
Berry is urinating around half a litre of urine a day into the amniotic fluid.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 25

Wednesday 13th November – 25w
So 25 weeks pregnant today. Can’t believe how fast it’s going now! 
Friday 15th November – 25w 2d
I’m sure berry is in such a low position today, I just haven’t been able to get comfy all day. Sitting, standing, laying. So out comes a grunt and groan every time I move! 

Saturday 16th November – 25w 3d
I had two dreams last night. One of them was yet another gender dream (the 4th so far this pregnancy – I never had this many with little man, probably because we knew his gender). I will say that this one was a boy called Stanley – rest assured we won’t be using that name…

The other dream was very random. We were on our way to FiL’s house (in a village) to collect little man as he had stayed the night. We have to travel country roads, and on the day we went there was a horse fair. There was nobody to host it so hubby decided he would jump out of the car and do it. Off he went. So I decided to run the rest of the way to the village. When I got there, I discovered FiL had taken little man to his next door neighbour, and she had just given him his breakfast of toast. And then I discovered that the next door neighbours other half and BiL had opened up a strip club at the back of the house. See, I told you it was random…

Sunday 17th November – 25w 4d
I’m starting to realise that I’d forgotten just how hard it is to bend over at this stage with bump there! But never mind, that’s what hubby’s for, to fasten my shoes/put my boots on, put my socks on, etc. etc… (Though I can still manage it sometimes, it depends what position berry is in).

Monday 18th November – 25w 5d
My runny nose is making an appearance again. This time of year I always feel like a dripping tap, and obviously there’s not a lot I can do about it at the minute! Have just felt like going back to bed all day but obviously I can’t.
At 25 weeks, berry is the size of a courgette.
The spine is beginning to form its structures as the blood vessels of the lungs start developing.
The body parts continue to become more proportional to each other.
Body fat is continuing to fill in berry’s wrinkled skin.
Small blood vessels are starting to form beneath the skin. As they begin to fill with blood, the skin will take on a pink appearance.
The fingerprints are fully formed.
The bones are continuing to harden.
The nostrils are starting to open.
More hair is growing, developing texture and colour.