A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you are probably all prepared by now, with gifts all wrapped and ready for your journey around the world tomorrow, but I hope you get a chance to read this. There is nothing else I need you to physically make, but there are a few people I want you to give an extra special gift to.

I would be asking for something special for myself, but we already got our wish, for an early anniversary present a few months ago. This elusive gift, I bet you’re wondering what it is? Well, it’s a BFP. I want you to bring lots of my lovely LTTTC friends something they have been wishing for, some for as long as we were, if not longer – the precious, priceless, gift of a baby to love & treasure. Whether you make this happen naturally, or through the treatment they are currently going through, or are going to go through at some point in the future. 

Also, for those friends of mine who can’t physically have a baby, or do not want to go through the heartbreak any further, and who are going through fostering or adoption procedures. Please make this successful and give them the precious gift of a child who they would give anything to take care of, and giving them a loving, forever, home. 

As long as you can do this, I don’t want anything else. Just for my friends to be happy.

Thank you Santa,



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