The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 28

Wednesday 4th December – 28w
Hello 3rd trimester! I also had to starve from 10pm tonight, for my GTT tomorrow. I hate this bit…

Thurs 5th December – 28w 1d
GTT day. I knew the drill as I also had one done with little man. My appointment was at 9am, though I had to get the bus and along with strong winds, a 10 minute walk, and being 28 weeks pregnant, I arrived a couple of minutes late but they weren’t too busy at that time so it was okay. I was only waiting a few minutes until I got called through to the consultation room. First I had my blood taken from my finger, and then the midwife finally managed to get some from my arm, after finding a vein on the 2nd arm! (Everybody always has trouble finding my veins). As I hadn’t eaten since 10pm last night I did feel a little dizzy, but it wasn’t as bad as last time. I then had to drink a bottle of Lucozade which I was actually quite grateful for as it filled a space in my tummy! A student midwife then came to do my 28 week check up. My BP was fine, she listened in and baby sounded fine, then I had my bump measured for the first time this pregnancy. Baby is currently head down, and I’m currently measuring 2 weeks ahead. I was always measuring bang on or just behind with little man, but it could be water retention I suppose, or just the fact that a lot of people measure bigger with subsequent babies? After this I had to go sit in the waiting room until my 2 hours was up, I had remembered to take some reading material though so it went quite quickly. During this time I was told by another pregnant lady that I looked huge for 28 weeks. Thanks for that. My time was up and I had to have my 3rd lot of blood taken – this time it took 2 midwives to get it out! That was that and then I was free to go, all I could think about was food. In the process of walking back to the bus stop I was whacked in the face numerous times by crunchy leaves (ouch) and told to be careful by a lovely old lady. Since I got home I haven’t stopped eating though! 

Saturday 7th December – 28w 3d
I’ve started getting SPD type pains quite recently. I swear it didn’t happen this early with little man. Though two things I had very early with little man haven’t started yet – leaky boobs (at 20 weeks exactly!) and BH (at around 24 weeks). I think my cold has finally disappeared though, I just have a few sniffles now but obviously to be expected with the winter weather. I’ve been looking for a new baby ring sling to cheer me up though!

Tuesday 10th December – 28w 6d
Speaking of BH, it seems they have started now! Along with body parts sticking into me all over, I just cannot comfortable nowadays and I’m so fidgety. 

At 28 weeks, berry is the size of an iceberg lettuce.
The brain is now developing its folds (gyri) and grooves (sulci).
Billions of neurons are also developing.
Muscle tone is improving, meaning increased movement.
If berry is a male, his testes will be likely to begin descending.

28 weeks and a routine appointment

Sorry I haven’t posted much in the last week or so, been mega busy with final Christmas preparations, mainly baking! I was wrapping presents on Sunday and seem to have hurt my lower back/bum, and it hurts when I bend over/go to sit down, I’m sure that’s just normal pregnancy pains though as it doesn’t seem to be there ALL the time, it’s more apparent to me when I’ve been quite active. 

Sunday saw me at 28 weeks – finally reaching the third trimester! All I can say to that is ‘EEK!’! 

I’m going to be exactly 29 weeks on Christmas Day so that will be the best present I have ever had.

I have another random funny dream to report – I can’t remember it in detail but the most important/funniest bits are remembered – it was another dog dream, I seem to be dreaming a lot about those! The Yorkshire Terrier from my previous dream made a reappearance. It was attacking me (again!), and then it stole my purse, ran off with it in its mouth, back to its ‘house’, which happened to be a giant carrier bag! What the?!…


I went for my GTT results/routine midwife appointment today (combined this with antenatal clinic for my results, as there was no point in having two appointments at different places in the same week). My GTT was fine, no GD! But, there was some protein and leukocytes in my urine sample, so they have sent it off to check I don’t have a UTI (even though I don’t have any other symptoms apart from peeing a lot). It could mean signs of pre-eclampsia but my blood pressure was normal, the same as last time. Listened to baby’s heartbeat, it was nice & strong! Bump was measuring okay too. 

So, since my GTT was okay, I have been discharged from the consultant! Meaning only midwife visits now, unless I’m referred for anything or have any problems. 

Glucose Tolerance Test

Well today was GTT day after bringing it forward from Saturday! I’ve had 3 pricks in the space of 2 hours, aren’t I a lucky girl?! Hehe…

Well the day could have started off better. Husband was working so I had to get the bus. I was early at the bus stop, as I usually am, but, also as usual, the bus was about 10 minutes late! Meaning I was going to be late! It’s (supposed) to be a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the hospital; my appointment was at half 9 and the bus got there at 9.15 so that gave me an extra 5 minutes. Well,  I wish someone would have told me it was slushy outside too! The slush meant I had to walk slower, slower than my normal slow pace at the minute, but even though I walked slower I took a tumble! I landed on my side though rather than my stomach, so it could have been worse. When I got to the hospital little man was giving me a kicking so it must have woken him up (sorry!). I actually got there at 9.32 but I think their clock is a couple of minutes fast so I was actually *just* on time. 

They must have been running late because I didn’t actually get called through until 9.45. Went through all the normal questions, then said I was going to the ante natal clinic rather than the midwife next week for my 28 week check. So she took my week 28 bloods then instead so they will be back for next week. Then I got my finger pricked to test my blood sugar level which was 4.4, and then I had to drink a full bottle of Lucozade in 5 mins, bleugh! *burp burp* I can’t drink fizzy drinks too fast so it made me feel a bit sick, along with the fact I hadn’t eaten since 10.40pm last night and had only had half a glass of water before I left home. 

I kept feeling dizzy & sick so occasionally hung with my head out of the window to get some fresh air! (I was in a room by myself as there was no ante natal clinic today so it wasn’t needed, I also got some of my book read!) Skip 2 hours and back she came, and took some more blood out of my other arm. So now I have 2 nice bruises appearing and 2 achy arms (still!). If there are any problems then the midwife will ring me, otherwise I will find out the results at my appointment next week.

Consultant appointment

We had our first consultant appointment today, after being referred because of my BMI. Was quite a short appointment, and we didn’t actually see the consultant, but one of his staff. I had to do a urine sample when I got there, the results from this were fine. Then had my blood pressure taken, this was also fine. Then just went through a bit of history, like medical problems, procedures etc., obviously mentioned about the PCOS, then she asked whether we had fallen pregnant naturally or with help, I obviously mentioned the clomid then, then she wanted to know how many rounds and on how much. She mentioned about having to have a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test, to test for gestational diabetes (GD)) because of my BMI, for which I already have an appointment for next month. After this I have to go back to the hospital on the 21st December for the result. If it is okay, then I no longer need to attend the hospital and can just carry on with normal midwife appointments. If it’s not okay, then I will be referred to the relevant department of the hospital.

She asked if we wanted to hear baby’s heartbeat, of course I said yes! I didn’t think we would be hearing it today, thought we would have to wait until our midwife appointment in just under two weeks. We got to hear it, one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I think my only word was ‘wow’! I can’t wait to hear it again.