Weight loss – week 6

After my big loss last week I wasn’t really expecting a huge loss this week, if any at all. Meal planning helped me get back into some form of a routine again, and eating salad again helped as I wasn’t eating so many carbs. I’m going to start sticking to more of a Gi diet now too as it will help a bit more because of the PCOS. I didn’t really use MFP again last week like i said I was going too, but I don’t think I did too bad as I’m getting back into the mindset of thinking before I eat what I’m about to. Though I did have a bad couple of days over the weekend as I felt exhausted and emotional which caused me to pig out a little.

I got back into walking too and headed to stay & play with the boys which is a good half hour walk there and back, though it’s more of a stroll on the way back as I get tired! I have a pedometer to review at the minute which is going to encourage me a little more too.

My week 6 stats are:

  • start weight – 203.6 lbs
  • target weight – 132 lbs
  • previous weight – 184.4 lbs
  • current weight – 183.6 lbs
  • weight loss this week – 0.8 lbs
  • weight loss to date – 20 lbs
  • weight loss to go – 51.6 lbs
So not quite a pound, but near enough. As I wasn’t expecting a loss, I’m pleased with that. And I’m nearly back at a 1.5 stone loss again – hopefully next week!

One thought on “Weight loss – week 6

  1. Congratulations! Hey any loss is a loss in my book – and you're doing so well. A stone and a half since you started – amazing! My worst food habit is mindless eating – it's so easy to eat without thinking like hoovering up the little people's left overs! Now I chew gum as soon as they finish eating so I'm not tempted! Good luck and keep going x

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