Project 365 – Week 17 (days 110 -116)

April 20th / Day 110
As he can’t protest yet unlike the other little man, I just had to dress N up in this cute Easter bunny onesie!

April 21st / Day 111
Breakfast at his table with his beloved Peppa Pig!

April 22nd / Day 112
(Pretend) sleeping selfie – using my thick cardigan for baby snuggles. Though I did actually fall asleep after this whilst J was playing outside!

April 23rd / Day 113
Blossom trees on the walk home from nursery – love walking under this.

April 24th / Day 114
N all snuggled up to Mummy after an almighty protest at going to sleep. Though I wish he wouldn’t wake up as soon as he’s put in his cot as I have his brother to give attention to as well!

April 25th / Day 115
J has really started ‘getting into’ N now. Feeding his little brother – though most of his concentration is on Peppa Pig!

April 26th / Day 116
Being the doting big brother again and cleaning N’s face after he’d been sick.

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