Cheap And Cheerful Garden DIYs

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If you are looking for some ways to make the garden more exciting at the tail end of the summer, you might have already set aside a sizeable budget to make some real changes to the space.

However, you don’t need to worry spend the Earth to make some real changes to your outdoor space this summer, and there are plenty of amazing ideas of how to create a fun and colourful garden.


Replacing or creating a decking area in the garden is something which always seems to cost a lot of money, but in reality, it does not need to cost a single penny. For this DIY, recycled plastic decking is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber and it can be a great way to save some money and also create a gorgeous seating area to host parties. 

Create a rustic barbecue area 

It is always fun to barbecue in the garden during the summer and this can be a super fun way to make the most of the sunny weather. If you want to create a fun grill area in the garden for a lower price, you can use bricks to build your own grill area and use a couple of metal grills and coal to make your own barbecue. It’s cheaper, will last longer, and adds a rustic feel to the space. 

Lay a wooden walkway

Creating a stunning garden can be a challenge and you will want to segment the garden into a few different sections. One way to do this is to lay a wooden walkway through the middle of the garden and have a few different flower beds and areas on either side. You can lay a cheap wooden walkway with wooden planks or with wooden pallets. 

Hang a rope tree swing

If you have children, or you want to unleash the child in you, a fun feature in the garden would be a rope swing. A rope swing only needs a tyre, a rope and a tree, so as long as you have these 3 things you can make a feature of the garden which will provide hours of fun throughout the summer! 

Create a herb garden

If you have an old wooden trough or chest hanging around, don’t throw it away! The best thing you can do with this is to create your own herb garden in the backyard which will provide you with endless flavours to add to dishes. You can either buy herb seeds or plants, or you can use herbs bought from the store to grow your own fresh herbs. When creating a herb cutting you should cut a spring of herb which is approximately 4 inches long, and get rid of all leaves apart from a few at the top. Place in a glass of water for a week or two and eventually you’ll see roots growing, at which point you can plant the herbs outside for fresh flavour all year long, as well as a lovely garden decoration! 

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