Green’s Chocolate Egg Cake Kit | Review

Green's chocolate egg cake kit review

I recently posted a Slimming World friendly Easter recipe, but y’know, you just need “proper” cake sometimes, don’t you? Especially when it’s chocolate, because that’s totally Easter related, right?! And even more so, when it has chocolate eggs on top too!

But sometimes you just can’t be bothered to bake from scratch, or you don’t have the time, or the kids want to bake and you get a bit argh when they make too much of a mess because they want to “help”… But thanks to Green’s and their new Chocolate Egg Cake Kit, you can quickly & easily whip up an Easter delight!

Our new Chocolate Egg Cake Kit is fun and easy to bake and is sure to satisfy cake and chocolate lovers alike. All you need to do is add two medium size eggs to create the cake, and then mix 125g of butter and water to the frosting mix to create a smooth and chocolatey finish. The coated chocolate eggs can then be used to decorate the cake, or you can let your imagination run wild!

Our Chocolate Egg Cake Kit offers both experienced and would-be bakers all the tools required to make a range of delicious Easter treats in a matter of minutes. From mouth-watering cupcakes, muffins or a loaf cake, the Chocolate Egg Cake Kit can be used to create them all.

Green's chocolate egg cake kit

My thoughts

The lovely people at Green’s sent us a couple of the Chocolate Egg Cake Kits to review. I will admit, this one I made by myself whilst the boys were at school, but it would be great fun to make as a family too – we probably will with the remaining one! On opening the box you will find three packets; one containing the cake mix, one containing the frosting mix, and one containing the mini eggs for decoration. The instructions are fairly straightforward, aside from one tiny error that says 10 ml (2 tbsp) of water, which is confusing as to which one is correct; I ended up putting 10 ml in and the mixture turned out fine.

Packets and box instructions

Following the instructions for the actual baking of the cake, it didn’t take long at all. It was ready in less than 20 minutes and it smelled delicious. The two halves didn’t rise as much as I’d expected, but that could be because I had to use 8 inch cake tins as I didn’t have 7 inch ones. The sponges themselves were super moist & fluffy though. The frosting was easy peasy to make too and was wonderfully rich; I know some people don’t like it too rich, but this was just right for me. Right enough that I licked the spoon afterwards. Ahem.

Cake slice

I could have done with putting more of the frosting on the inside of the cake, but I always misjudge how much I’ll need for the outside! Nonetheless, it’s still the same amount whether it’s inside the cake or on the outside. Finally, I decorated with the mini eggs. There were enough eggs to place on the cake for one each, according to serving size. Normally, I’d putting those bad boys all over it, but you could add your own decorations too. Though as you can see, I didn’t manage to place them quite right…

Full cake

Overall, it’s a great cake kit for whipping up as an Easter dessert and getting in the kitchen with kids. It was easy to make, easy to decorate, made a decent sized cake and tasted wonderful too.

RRP – £1.95

Our rating – 4.5/5

I was compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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