Green’s Chocolate Egg Cake Kit | Review

Green's chocolate egg cake kit review

I recently posted a Slimming World friendly Easter recipe, but y’know, you just need “proper” cake sometimes, don’t you? Especially when it’s chocolate, because that’s totally Easter related, right?! And even more so, when it has chocolate eggs on top too!

But sometimes you just can’t be bothered to bake from scratch, or you don’t have the time, or the kids want to bake and you get a bit argh when they make too much of a mess because they want to “help”… But thanks to Green’s and their new Chocolate Egg Cake Kit, you can quickly & easily whip up an Easter delight! Read more

Mini Egg mousse pots | Recipe (Slimming World friendly)

Mini egg mousse pots, Slimming World friendly

Easter can be a hard time for Slimming World members, especially if you’re partial to a bit lot of chocolate. Plus all of the delicious desserts including Creme Eggs and the such that come with it. Luckily for me I’m more of a savoury person, but I do enjoy the odd treat every now and then.

As we all know, Slimming World members needn’t miss out if you want to stay totally on plan over Easter; there are many recipes that can be adapted. One of my favourite Easter treats are Mini Eggs – not so good when I could sit and eat a whole sharing pack though! These Mini Egg mousse pots consisting of mostly syn free ingredients should hit the spot for that Easter dessert, and they only take ten minutes to prepare! Read more

Review | Hotel Chocolat Easter Collection

Hotel Chocolat Easter

After finally trying Hotel Chocolat for the very first time last year, falling in love with it, and the chocolate becoming my new favourite, I haven’t been able to get enough of it. My husband took my hint from my blog post and bought me some for Christmas (!), and recently I actually managed to go into a shop and I could have stayed in there all day just looking at all of the pretty looking chocolate, but obviously that might have just been a bit…weird. Anyway, when I was asked if I would like to review something from their Hotel Chocolat Easter collection, I jumped at the chance (literally!).

As usual, it was such a difficult choice (I know, it’s a hard life, choosing chocolate), but in the end I decided to go for the Hotel Chocolat Easter Big City Easter Bunny and the Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs on Parade. Read more

Scotch Brownie Creme Eggs | Recipe

Scotch Brownie Creme Eggs

So that time of the year is upon us again, you know, the day where the bunny brings us lots of chocolate – Easter of course! I’m not sure if you will have noticed but there have been Creme Eggs in the shops since the beginning of the year – I usually have my first one in the first few days of January, but I may have only had one or two so far this year…

Anyway, I’m also sure most of you will have seen photos of an amazing looking treat doing the rounds on social media, that is, a Creme Egg encased in chocolate cake, or as with my version, chocolate brownie. I was absolutely dying to try one of these and after some thought, I decided to have a go at making my own! I used my basic brownie recipe for these then just cut circles out from the brownie sheet and wrapped the Creme Eggs in them. If you want to have a go, read on for the recipe… Read more

Egg-celent Easter fun (in lots of photos!)

I posted last week about our Easter plans and what the boys had to find in their Easter basket – we managed to fit everything in and had a really fun Easter and ended up with lots of goodies (I got a pack of Reese’s Easter bunnies which was just fine for me!).

First up during the week we made an Easter bonnet which actually ended up taking a full day because J has one of the shortest attention spans ever… It turned out great though for a three year old and a first attempt!


We then made some cornflake nests though J was more interested in eating the eggs than putting them in the nests…

We went to Nanna’s for a sleepover on the Saturday and as the weather was great on the Sunday she got the boys’ bouncy castle and bubble machine out and they had a little egg hunt. They love being outside in Nanna’s garden.












When we arrived home on Sunday I gave the boys their Easter basket and J was the first to dig in – his brother just patiently awaited his goodies!





The boys also got an egg each and a Kinder bunny from Nanna, Grandad, and great-Nan. The Reese’s bunnies were more than enough for me, yum! Hubby also got an Easter egg and a ‘chocolate breakfast’ but I never got a chance to take a photo of those…



Did you have a good Easter?