Slimming World weigh in #50 – the one where I hit a brick wall again…

weekly weigh in

After having a pretty good weigh in last week I was determined to try and get that other 3lb off this week in order to get back to my pre Christmas weight. It doesn’t seem so hard in the grand scheme of things, does it? I was actually doing okay for the couple of days after weigh in, then I hit rock bottom emotionally and ate all kinds of junk. Just some of it being a Chinese takeout, half a layer of a box of Thorntons chocolates, and half a bag of sharing M&M’s – yes, that bad. It was those M&M’s on Saturday night that made me realise that I was actually just sabotaging myself and I wouldn’t be getting anywhere if I carried on like that, so I decided I needed to do some damage limitation.

From Sunday morning until weigh in on Tuesday evening, I did EESP to try and pull myself back a bit and get my head back in it. I do like the SP plan for a boost (and for the fact that I can have two healthy extra b choices) but boy do I miss my yogurts and bananas, which I usually eat every day!

Before I get to my weigh in update, here are some on plan meals from my week:

Onto my weigh in. Although I’d had my meltdown in the middle of the week, I was hoping for even a tiny loss after three days of SP. I was so nervous when I stepped on the scales, especially as it was flickering for a couple of seconds. Eventually it stopped on the same number as last week to show that I had a maintain. I was a little bit gutted but I knew I had brought it on myself so I actually felt relieved that it wasn’t more.

Slimming World weigh in

My stats for this week (week 50):

  • starting weight – 13st 4.5lb
  • previous weight – 10st 5lb
  • current weight – 10st 5lb
  • loss this week – maintain
  • loss so far – 2st 13.5lb
  • Club 10 target weight – 11st 13.5lb
  • final target weight – 9st 7lb

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