Wow. I thought I had better write an update on Jacob as I have been (kind of) keeping up with then for Noah, and I knew it was a while since I last wrote one, but, I didn’t think it was this long! Six whole months ago! Even the photo from then, he has changed so much.

I always mention Jacob’s behaviour in his updates as we have had many troubles and you may remember we went on a course to try and help deal with it. We have been so consistent with lots we learned since then – well, I have anyway – and his behaviour, though still incredibly difficult to deal with some days, is so much better on the whole. It is when I am within a reasonable distance of him anyway; sometimes he can be unpredictable when they are in a different room together… or maybe not so if I can predict it happening!

Although I have now applied for Jacob’s school place, it still doesn’t feel quite real that he will not be here with me all day for five days a week come September. He is still my baby, my first born, but every day I see how much of a big boy he is becoming and I am trying my hardest to prepare him for school as I think it will be hard for him to adjust. It took him quite a while to adjust to going to his nursery, and that is the main thing I am worried about. He is developing in leaps & bounds though so I am hoping he will be ready in that respect.

Jacob sits and reads to himself and to his brother now, and even to me! He is turning into a proper little bookworm just like Mummy, and that makes me happy! 🙂 He is even beginning to recognise words and his memory with them is brilliant. He seems to know more nursery rhymes than I do; every week he comes home with a different one he has learned at nursery, so it is him teaching me!

In earlier updates I wrote lots about Jacob’s issues with food but I am pleased that he is now regularly trying new foods and eating more of a variety again! this makes it easier at meal times, though we do still have days where he refuses to eat, but he just doesn’t get anything else or a dessert. Unfortunately though, this is starting to rub off on Noah too!

In his last update, Jacob was still wearing a pull up nappy at night, and we had just about cracked this when very recently he seemed to start with a toilet regression. At the moment he is okay for a few days but then he just reverts back. We are still working on it with stickers and a treat, so hopefully we can crack it completely, soon.

Current favourites
Food – Cheese biscuits
Drink – Chocolate Crusha & milk
TV – Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse
Toys – Paw Patrol play mat and figures
Books – Do you like ketchup on your cornflakes?
Jacob 3y10m
Proud of his underpants toast!


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