A Birmingham surprise trip | One on one time with Jacob

A few weekends ago I was supposed to be attending a blog conference in Birmingham, but unfortunate circumstances meant I no longer had a ticket – or it seems, I didn’t have one in the first place (long story!). However, I had already booked a non refundable train and hotel, so no matter what, I was going to Birmingham anyway, even if it was just for an evening alone and a peaceful shopping trip! In the end, I decided to take Jacob and have some one on one time. I had been promising to take him on a train for ages, so I thought it was actually the perfect opportunity and we would go and have some fun. I didn’t actually tell him what we were doing, just that I had a few surprises for him so it made it more exciting.

I told him that Daddy was driving us to wherever we were going – which was kind of true – as he drove us to the train station and Jacob was really excited then! He did get a little hyperactive, but I think that was just the excitement. I had a feeling it was going to feel like a helluva long journey with a 4 year old so I went well prepared with food… Read more

Jacob at 3 years 10 months old

Wow. I thought I had better write an update on Jacob as I have been (kind of) keeping up with then for Noah, and I knew it was a while since I last wrote one, but, I didn’t think it was this long! Six whole months ago! Even the photo from then, he has changed so much.

I always mention Jacob’s behaviour in his updates as we have had many troubles and you may remember we went on a course to try and help deal with it. We have been so consistent with lots we learned since then – well, I have anyway – and his behaviour, though still incredibly difficult to deal with some days, is so much better on the whole. It is when I am within a reasonable distance of him anyway; sometimes he can be unpredictable when they are in a different room together… or maybe not so if I can predict it happening! Read more

Jacob at 3 years 5 months old

Jacob 3y5m featured

So I seem to be on time with this update – though I did miss his last one due to my blogging break but I thought I’d just skip straight to this one!

His behaviour has improved so much in the last couple of months. We do still have our moments but nothing like it was before. I no longer go to collect him from nursery dreading what they are going to feed back to me that he has done this time. It feels a bit strange saying it as I obviously didn’t condone it before, but I’m glad he has had no reports of hitting for such a long time; I’m very proud of him! He has learned now to tell somebody what is wrong instead of just lashing out straight away, though he does get incredibly upset and a couple of times he has hit himself instead (though now I have that to worry about). His behaviour at home has improved significantly too. He does still have his moments with N, but now N has started giving as good as he gets (argh!). He knows straight away now when he has done wrong and will say sorry, and give a kiss and a cuddle. In fact, he loves giving kisses and cuddles these days and is always showering his brother with them!

We are almost there with toilet training. He has gone through a phase recently where he won’t go into the toilet as apparently there is a monster in there…no idea where he has got that idea from! I think we’re getting over that now though. At nursery he spends all day in big boy pants but when at home he often wants a pull up on; we’re trying to deal with this at the minute as he is doing so well now and I don’t want him to have a huge regression. Plus, his Uncle says that when J can go to the toilet by himself he can stay overnight! 😉

He is memorising and learning so much these days. He can now almost count to twenty; he knows the alphabet; he knows so many rhymes and lullabies and often sings them to N; and we now have proper conversations, I love my mini adult! Some of the things he comes out with are hilarious and he often has us in fits of laughter! Though everybody at the minute is Mr Tumble, or Mrs Tumble, or Baby Tumble… He also calls me ‘Mrs’ at the minute, cheeky monkey! Compared to this time last year when he was only just learning how to say his name, he has come on in leaps & bounds.

Current favourites
Food – Kinder eggs…
Drink – Scary purple minion juice (squash!)
TV – Mr Tumble…
Toys – His cars which he lines up in a traffic jam
Books – I like to squeak, how do you speak?, The Wheels on the Bus
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Little man J at 3 years old

Though I’m a little lot late with this one (as it’s nearly time for his next one – must try harder to keep up!), I can’t believe J is three years old now – officially a threenager, though I’m sure he was entering into that zone beforehand! He’s turning into a proper little grown up now; every time I write one of his updates he is showing more independence than the last time – and more of a temper too (not totally sure where he gets that from…).
With his ever growing independence and domestication, I’m starting to think he’ll be moving out of home next year! (Obviously not really….he’ll be going to school instead, sob). He wants to hoover, dust, take the dishes away. He does his shoes all by himself, including having a strop if we don’t choose the ones he wants. He ‘reads’ to himself at bedtime (and to his brother in the morning). He chooses his breakfast and won’t let us take it from the cupboard. In fact, he doesn’t really want us to choose anything anymore… Anywhere we go, he is also wanting to walk a lot more instead of going in the pushchair which is a great thing as he has to sooner or later.
I mentioned in his last update that we’d bought him a musical Thomas Tank potty as we thought it may aid in him wanting to use the potty. Well, if you’ve read the blog recently you might already know that he finally did his first wee! He hasn’t done a poo yet, or wee’d on the big toilet, but I know it will come in time. I’m just really happy that’s he’s finally started asking to go for a wee on the potty, and occasionally he will ask to wear pants (which we use Dry Like Me with) instead of a nappy.

His ever expanding vocabulary and sentence structure astounds me every day when he says something I’ve never heard him say before, or puts together a sentence I never expected him to say. He is a little behind his peers in most things, but this is one area I’m really proud of as I think he is progressing so well, and everybody else notices too. Some of his new word pronunciation is still a bit off though and it’s so funny.

We are still having meal time & food issues. He will only eat pretty much the same things at tea time – sausages, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, chips, mash, peas, sweetcorn, beans, spaghetti – that seems like quite a list but when as a family you like to have a lot of variety, and when N will eat pretty much anything, it’s a little frustrating. I’m sure it won’t last forever though?…

Current favourites
Food – Sausages, apples
Drink – ‘Special juice’ (fruity water!)
TV – Wallykazam, Peppa Pig
Movies – Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2
Toys – Ben & Holly castle, magnetic drawing board
Books – Train!, Zip It!

Birthday boy!