Project 365, 2015 (days 74-80)

Day 74 / March 15th
Mother’s Day and my boys bought me Sam Smith’s album (I’ve been going on about it for ages). A worn out N fell asleep on Daddy’s shoulder.

Day 75 / March 16th
It was hair cut day for me & J, and J had his cut the shortest it’s been yet – I think I prefer it a bit longer! It doesn’t take long to grow back though, and I’m glad because I miss his curls!

Day 76 / March 17th
Our weekly Fit Tots outing today and it was bubble time.

Day 77 / March 18th
Today was all about getting ready for J’s birthday – I didn’t realise we’d actually bought him that many presents!

Day 78 / March 19th
As his party/outing is tomorrow and he will have a big cake then, I just made cupcakes for today and he had a sparkler candle. I then found a spare number 2 in the drawer from last year so we lit that just so he’d have one to blow out!

Day 79 / March 20th
Birthday outing day and big minion cake day! (If you can’t tell yet, he’s a little obsessed with minions at the minute and all he’d been asking for was a minion cake). I just love the smile on his face and he looks so grown up!

Day 80 / March 21st
Compared to the last few days, a pretty boring day today and we went through the car wash…

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