Project 365 – Week 49 (days 334 – 340)

Day 334 / November 30th
Buddy the Elf arrived from the North Pole this evening to keep J entertained until Christmas!

Day 335 / December 1st
Buddy made us all a North Pole breakfast – we had Christmas tree & snowman crumpets, snowballs, reindeer poo, and he also made us snowman pancakes.

Day 336 / December 2nd
J discovered Buddy tucking into his cereal this morning! (Sorry for the rubbish quality of this one!) 

Day 337 / December 3rd
Someone was impressed with themselves after raiding the cereal cupboard – he obviously wanted in on the action with Buddy!

Day 338 / December 4th
J was a bit irritable today so we made Peppa Pig biscuits whilst N napped.

Day 339 / December 5th
J decided to bring dino to tea today. (Didn’t realise the flash was on with this one)

Day 340 / December 6th
We had a Christmassy day today and J helped me make some more salt dough decorations.

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