Elf on the Shelf adventures (days 2-8)

Last week Buddy arrived from the North Pole with a North Pole breakfast for us all, which went down a treat (I’m hoping he leaves some for us on Christmas Day too!). He’s been back & forth since then and after the shaky start, J had enjoyed looking for him every day and seeing what he’s got up to overnight. His first week with us went a bit like this…

Day 2
Buddy knew the cereal J usually goes for so decided he would get in there first…

Day 3
Buddy decided to just hang around watching TV today. It took a couple of minutes for J to spot him!

Day 4
We caught Buddy helping himself to our advent calendar today! This elf is turning out to be rather mischievous…

Day 5
Buddy reports back to Santa every evening but he was caught in the act still on the phone this morning…

Day 6
Buddy decided it was time to watch himself and his buddies!

Day 7
Today was a good day for Buddy to make snow angels! J loved this one and even brought Peppa & George to see.

Day 8
Buddy was left to Daddy as Mummy forgot and he was found riding Daddy’s bike so he had to take the car to work…

Join us next week for more adventures with Buddy!

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