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Wednesday 11th September – 16w
16 weeks pregnant today. By this stage when pregnant with little man I was feeling more energetic and refreshed. Not this time. But that could be something to do with now having an energetic little man to look after all day, in person! And also with his late night parties. Though I got a lie in until 8.15am this morning, but I’ve been more tired than I was with yesterday’s 6am wake up! 

Thursday 12th September – 16w 1d
I have been in an absolutely FOUL mood today. Little man is going through an awful stroppy naughty phase and I think the tiredness and telling him off is getting to me! We also managed a 3 hour nap. Told you I was tired! 

Friday 13th September – 16w 2d
Berry has been very active today. Especially tonight, they have been wriggling and kicking an awful lot! It’s obviously good to feel though, always makes me feel relieved as there is still that occasional worry.

I also unpacked all my maternity clothes from little man, the good thing is that I am pregnant at the same stage in the same seasons as I was with him. Hopefully they all still fit! 

Saturday 14th September – 16w 3d
My latest dream last night wasn’t anything too spectacular or weird, but I lived in Hong Kong, it was pretty cool! 

We’ve had a long day out today and I am shattered, more than usual! Little man slept the whole way home though so he’s wide awake, I think I will be in bed before him at this rate! 

Tuesday 17th September – 16w 6d
Little man & I both woke up full of cold today. We’ve had a cosy morning on the sofa, and most of the afternoon snuggled up asleep in bed! He’s gone to stay with his Grandad tonight (the first time since MiL passed away) so I am going to get a little rest tomorrow until he comes back! I love him and miss him like crazy but it’ll be good! 

At 16 weeks, berry is the size of an avocado.
Berry’s muscles are developed enough so they can hold their head erect in a straight line.
The facial muscles can display a variety of expressions.
Berry’s hands can now reach each other.
They are emptying their bladder every 40 to 45 minutes (a bit like Mummy!)
Berry is covered in lanugo.
The ears have moved from the neck to the head.
The pattern of hair on their scalp has begun to develop.
Berry’s heart is pumping around 28 litres of blood each day.
Berry’s weight will start to double over the next couple of weeks.

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