Learning to drive

When I was 18 I
started learning to drive. I was petrified at first, but I wanted to
be more independent, and it’s something that all my friends were
doing. My first driving lesson was OK – I say OK, well apart from
the fact I nearly drove into an oncoming bus, but we’ll let that one

As that was a
few years ago now (nearly 10!), I can’t remember exactly how many
driving lessons I had, but I think it was somewhere around 10. I did
a couple of mock theories too and passed those. Then I took a break
as I went on holiday, promising myself to start up again when I got
back. I never did. I regret it as after spending all that money and
all these years later, I still can’t drive! And it’s at a time like
now, with a nearly toddler and a husband who works all day 6 days a
week, that we could do with me driving rather than relying on
walking, buses, or other people! I posted at the beginning of the
year, but one of my resolutions was to start driving lessons again.
Anyway, it’s a good job hubby drives as his parents live a 15 minute
drive away, in the middle of nowhere to boot! And my Mum lives in the
next main town which is a 20-25 minute drive away.

When I first met
hubby he was the typical boy racer type, he had a Ford Fiesta, with
lots of sound gear, vinyl stickers on his car (!), and a body kit.
That wasn’t what attracted me to him by the way! Though it was nice
to have someone who could drive *chuckle*. I soon got into the ‘car
thing’, and he took me to a few car shows, which I really enjoyed. He
then went on to have a couple more Fords, but he’s grown out of that
phase of his life now though, and he even had a Rover at one point!
He has a Ford again now though..

each of these cars, obviously he had to have insurance, so it was
time to do some car
insurance comparison
Now before he met me he would just stick with the same insurer he had
had since he passed his test and got his first car. But me being me,
a deal hunter and money saver, I took over. 8 years later and I’m
still doing it! I like to get the best deal out there, obviously with
everything he requires too. I’m glad I do it actually, as when I
actually pass my test, I’ll need to do it for myself too! 

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3 thoughts on “Learning to drive

  1. HI honey, I know all about the driving thing lol. I never wanted to drive, it never appealed to my but many years ago, some family members bought me a course of lessons for my birthday. I actually passed my test first time, which was a big shock to me as my baby daughter was in hospital getting an operation that same day. So I was kind off on auto pilot. Anyway, that was 20 years ago. I couldn't afford a car then, so it was a few years after that I got one, and when I did, I was terrified to drive. My friend would come out with me, but my confidence was gone. Ive not driven for probably 12 years, but now I really want to lol. I keep saying im gonna get refresher lessons and get a wee runaround. Need a kick up the bum I think. You so should start your lessons again, you would be so much more independent with the wee one. Maybe we should do it together lol. Good luck x

  2. “My challenge to you today is to apply some "safe driving" skills to
    your life and your navigation.” I just got my driving license and I
    still don’t think of myself as a pro driver. I must admit that there’s
    so much that I need to learn. Anyway, I will try my best to be a
    responsible driver and never lose sight of my path!

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