Project 365 – Week 42 (days 285 – 291)

Day 285 / October 12th
As the boys were getting ready for bed and I was washing the dishes, I noticed this gorgeous sky and had to take a snap.


Day 286 / October 13th
Dinner tonight was home-made curried soup with home-made bread rolls.


Day 287 / October 14th
N had spag bol for the first time tonight. I forgot how messy it was with a baby!


Day 288 / October 15th
Now I have my book review blog I take part in a lot of book release parties and author takeover parties over on Facebook and this is one of my wins (among a ton of ebooks!)


Day 289 / October 16th
An exciting Christmas delivery today, for review!


Day 290 / October 17th
I auctioned off a giant cupcake to raise sponsorship for my skydive and this was the result for the winner. It was a pinata and had sweets inside too!


Day 291 / October 18th
Christmas is just about sorted now with this delivery from the Kiddicare sale!


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