{Rant} Too big here, too small there…

When it comes to buying clothes for my little men I don’t really have a favourite brand or shop – I buy from charity shops, bargain shops, supermarkets, high quality shops – I’m not really a clothes ‘snob’! Basically, if I see something I like and can afford it, I’ll buy it. 
My boys seem to be on the larger side as they have long legs and and torsos, so they are usually in the next size up before they need it anyway. One problem I have with them is that a particular size in one shop can be too small on them, whereas the same size in another shop can be huge. Also recently I have found that some of the smaller sizes are actually bigger than the next size up depending where they’re from (am I making sense?), which has been really confusing when trying to sort J’s clothes out for N – I’ve had to try them up against him whilst he lays wriggles on the floor, and I’ve had to take some 12-18 month tops out for him already (he’s 7 months old! Told you, big baby…).

For example, these tops below:

The one on the left is first size, and the one on the right is 6-9 months! I know the jumper is knitted so it’s a bit stretchier, but that is a huge difference in size. N was still fitting in this jumper at 4 months old whereas he was practically growing out of the other one already.

Even if I take two cotton t-shirts:

They are both 9-12 months. There is a huge difference between these two – the one on the right looks likes 3-6 months against the other. Can you guess which one N is outgrowing already?…

And of course it goes for adult clothing too – I often have to buy different sizes from different places. Though it does make me feel better when I have to buy a smaller size!

Of course the ideal option would be to have standard sizing across all brands & shops so we don’t have to buy different sizes from different places at the same clothes size, but that would be practically impossible to fulfill. So unfortunately we just have to plod on with the sizing issue. I know it’s a niggle of a thing to get frustrated with, but it is annoying, right?

Do you have the same problem?

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3 thoughts on “{Rant} Too big here, too small there…

  1. Oh, I'm so with you here! My little one is 7 months next week and she's got a cardigan and a coat in 0-3 that still fit her! Yet she has other things in 6-9 that are getting too small. My mother in law has bought her a set of dungarees which are supposedly 6-9 but look like they would fit a 3 year old. Like you say the only way to really tell is hold the clothes up to the baby, which is not exactly the easiest of tasks when they wriggle so much! x

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