34 weeks and a midwife appointment

Oh dear, I’ve really neglected you since Sunday… I’ve been ill with a horrible cold/cough/sore throat but that’s no excuse really, just been too tired to do much of anything as it’s been wearing me down… Anyway, have now passed the 34 week mark! 

We had our 34 week appointment on Tuesday where we went over my birth plan, I mean wishes/options, as we all know it probably won’t go to plan! I will cover that in my next post! As for the other stuff, my sample was fine, blood pressure was fine, and bump was measuring right on ‘target’ this week. Good strong heartbeat there too. And, he is behaving and is head down! 

I also booked a bump/maternity shoot last Sunday, which we had last night. It was great fun, I loved it! Cannot wait to see the photos up on the website when they’ve been edited, from what we saw after he’d taken them they are are going to be fabulous. I had some ideas gathered on Pinterest, some of which he’d never seen before, and I had all my props ready when he got here, he said I was the most organised person he’d shot! Yep, that’s me! We should hopefully get a link to the photos in the next few days, going to be checking my e-mails continuously! I think we will definitely be booking him for a newborn shoot when little man arrives, we felt very relaxed with him, and from what I’ve seen before of completed, edited shoots he is great. 

This is who we used for the shoot: Flawless Photography

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