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Co-sleeping is something which we have done a lot of over the past 2 (and a bit) years. Before J arrived I had never really thought about it – I’d seen it mentioned – but it was not really something that I had decided I would do beforehand. After all, we had his Moses basket and his cot ready, and he would be sleeping in there when we brought him home from hospital.

As it goes, I started co-sleeping pretty much straight away without even thinking about it. It started in the hospital – accidentally! Our first night in I had been awake for over 30 hours and I was absolutely shattered. I didn’t mean to do it, but I was giving him a cuddle in bed to try and settle him, and the next thing I knew I had woken up with him still in the bed! Luckily it was before a midwife came in, can you imagine?!

When we came home from hospital it kind of just carried on. Hubby & I were both constantly tired, and J was a greedy little soul so he was awake an awful lot through the night. We usually just ended up falling asleep with him on our chest. I grew to absolutely love those night time sleepy cuddles, and didn’t want to stop them. Plus it was much quicker & easier than trying to get him to settle in his own bed! At this point I did a lot more research on safe co-sleeping and decided it was something I wanted to continue with.

J slept in our bed almost every night until he was around 23 months old, when we decided he really needed to be sleeping in his own bed all night before the new baby arrived. It was a little tough at first after co-sleeping for so long but we got there in the end and he spends 99% of the time in his own bed now.

With N we decided from the off that we would co-sleep, and we did so on our very first night. He is a much easier baby to settle to sleep (most of the time) so he does tend to go down in his own bed, but he usually ends up in with us at some point during the night, and I just love waking up next to his little face.

When all 4 of us are in the same bed, well, let’s just say it’s a tight squeeze, especially with the random positions toddlers lay in!

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  1. We are fans of co-sleeping too! We didn't do it with our first two, but when we had our 3rd it was just natural to have her in the bed (as I was breastfeeding) – she moved in to her own bed at 22mths and a month later no4 arrived and we co slept from the beginning! He's 21mth now and although he will settle in his cot at night, he normally ends up in our bed! 🙂 xxx

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