The World Of Cooking Is Magical, Are You Looking For A New Career?

Covid-19 has shaken up many things, including people’s careers. It’s forced them to make choices about what they’re doing and for some, it’s given them an opportunity to actually change their life for the better. Are you one of them? The world of food is an exciting one; so whether you’re wanting to further your career in hospitality or you’re wanting to become a chef, there are things you need to learn first. 

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So you’ve decided that you do want to be a chef. What can you do? Do you acquire the degree or rather the status, because most of the positions that chefs fill are actually managerial in nature. If you choose to lead and run a kitchen one way or another, you must undertake a plethora of skills in order to create the best lifestyle change. Unlike other professions where there are organized and recognized bodies, there are no places specifically designated to cooking, other than a chef school, which is where you need to consider starting. There is a big difference between a profession you learn and a profession you are choosing to pay the bills. 

A cook with many years of experience along the way has been given tools to run a system and to learn everything well enough to be able to keep things moving despite the number of customers walking through the door. In this role, there is no way to skip the most vital of rules, that is the learning and the experience are equally as important, so whoever is looking for shortcuts, the bad news is, there just aren’t.

It’s not just a game or a piece of art, it’s a profession and true, it has an artistic and side but it’s a profession for everything with full responsibility, both towards the system and towards the client and towards the staff. In the world of culinary delights, you will have to learn how to cut, clean, cook, arrange and create a culinary delight worthy of the establishment that you are working for. There is a routine, there are surprises, there are times, and there are goals, there are constraints and there are customers, there is a team, and there are endless tasks and it is an incredibly tiresome profession. Therefore, as we have already looked at, it has to be a passion and something that you could see yourself doing for years on end. Perhaps at home you have already started. You may own a few bits of cooking equipment and in this case, you have probably already made some errors and some treasures! You should consider looking at the best induction cooktop to see how you can use cooktops to your advantage.

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What do you need to learn to be a chef?

Some chefs have paved their own way in the world of food. From the private kitchen at home to starting an independent business; there are options for a chef, but for the most part, a chef will find their first home in a restaurant environment. However, the awareness of studies today is very high and the demand in the market is for educated people, also in the field of food. A person who has completed academic studies in the field of cooking will be able to open up more employment opportunities for themselves. You can also take professional courses in the field and specialize in confectionery, baking, meat cooking, home cooking, being a chocolatier and more. All such studies will enrich the cooking techniques and both practical and theoretical knowledge of the chef.

Employment Advancement Options Chef

A chef does not have to be in the kitchen all the time. The ambition is to start from scratch, build your skills up yourself and ultimately run the kitchen rather than actually work in it. However, everyone chooses their own path. Many chefs started their studies and employment in this field from their love of food, the food environment and its preparation and are therefore willing to sacrifice many leisure hours for the purpose of work and be on their feet in the kitchen for many hours. However over the years, when the body is less functional, the chef can become a kitchen manager, open branches for the food business and manage the food aspect in them, be a food consultant and more.

The chef’s work environment

The chef’s natural work environment will be the kitchen entirely, there of course is no reason for the chef to ever have to see the people that they are serving the food to. Whether it is the kitchen of an upscale restaurant, a private food business, catering or a hotel.  The chef will be accompanied by cooks, assistant chefs called sous chefs, waiters, dishwashers and more – so the chef’s ability to communicate with his employees is very important, especially in stressful times when the dishes must be served efficiently, quickly and most importantly – delicious. You need to be a good team player and not let the stress of a busy night affect you. If this is the case, you would probably never last more than a weekend in a busy and upscale restaurant. Even smaller restaurants demand a lot of effort from chefs if they are busy. The environment is tough but it can get easier if you are truly passionate about what you are doing. With the correct training from day one, this should be drilled into you to ensure that you are well aware of the job environment.  It is not easy to be a chef as customers are often dissatisfied with the taste of the dish, the way it is served or the attitude of the waiters, so you have to have a strong backbone and enjoy the profession. 

So if this is truly something that you want to pursue, then you must be well aware of the implications and the difficulties that you may face along the way. Then again, as we know, passion always wins out, so follow your heart and make the most of this situation. 

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