Project 365 – Week 38 (days 257 – 263)

Day 257 / September 14th
N enjoying his breakfast – mini shredded wheats!

Day 258 / September 15th
Another new Christmas decoration! This time from one of my clever crafty friends, Mama Tigerlily.

Day 259 / September 16th
I found N’s first curl today! I hope his hair ends up like his brother’s.

Day 260 / September 17th
N’s first time on one of these things. J originally wanted to go on but when it started moving he jumped off! We weren’t wasting it so I told hubby to hold N on there, and he was loving it. Needless to say J had to be back in the action too!

Day 261 / September 18th
Love the outfit J has been wearing today, with his first pair of Converse.

Day 262 / September 19th
My Belvita biscuits for the #MorningWin challenge arrived today so I had to tuck into the chocolate chip one first…

Day 263 / September 20th
I finally collected one of my most recent wins, from another clever crafty friend Under Electric Candlelight. I love it!
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