Elf on the Shelf adventures (days 9-16)

This week hasn’t really been planned as much as last week was as we’ve both just been way too tired so it’s been a kind of “Ooh, let’s put him somewhere quick before we go to bed!” kind of week. Nonetheless, J has still enjoyed finding him and he’s just embarked on his final week here before heading back to the North Pole until next year.
Here’s what Buddy got up to this week…
Day 9
Buddy got caught in the card holder and it took a while for J to spot him!
Day 10
Buddy decided to catch a lift in the digger!
Day 11
Buddy was caught playing naughty games on Daddy’s Xbox!
Day 12
Buddy got himself stuck inside the lego box! It took J a while to spot him today too.
Day 13
Buddy decided the wreath was a good place to sit. Neither hubby nor J spotted him for a long time!
Day 14
Buddy brought some paint & supplies to decorate the salt dough we made last week.
Day 15
Santa & Chris-moose came from the North Pole to have a picnic breakfast. J was so cute and even got them a drink from his kitchen then sat and joined them.
Day 16
This was one of ‘those’ evenings and Buddy, Santa & Chris-moose had a boogie in front of the Christmas tree..
Join us again next week for Buddy’s final week of adventures before heading back to the North Pole!

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