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Christmas is almost here once again, and although this year has felt like more of a challenge than most – a lot of us are still looking forward to spending some quality time with the people we love over the festive season. 

If you are hoping to host some of your closest family and friends at home this Christmas and want to make the most of the time – there are some great DIYs you can do to up your hosting game and really make an impression on your guests. 

Here are some of the fun things you can do this winter to host better at home. 

kitchen island with lights above and four seats in front of it, Fun DIYs To Up Your Hosting Game This WinterImage 

A home bar

What could be better when you can’t go to the pub than a home bar? Nothing. If you really want to up your game this Christmas and make a festive celebration to remember for your loved ones – a home bar is the best thing you can do. By having your own bar installed in your home or garage, you can host parties and bring that pub atmosphere to your house without even having to get out of your pyjamas! 

A cinema room

One amazing DIY to try this Christmas to make a fun evening for yourself and your family is a DIY cinema room. Transform your living room into a wonderful cinema room to host a festive movie marathon this Christmas. You can black out your windows with newspaper, make lots of microwave popcorn and nachos, and break out the mini fridge for beers and soft drinks for the kids. Pull the cushions from your sofa on to the floor and bring all of your blankets down to make a giant comfy bed on the floor where everyone can chill out and get cosy.

A mobile cocktail table

One fun way to use an old side table for festive fun is to add small wheels to the bottom and give it a lick of paint to make yourself a little cocktail cart. You can add all of your alcohol in the bottom along with mixers, and have your measuring cups and finishing touches on top. 

A stunning charcuterie board

A charcuterie board is the ultimate in hosting prowess – and really gives an extra edge to any party you are hosting this Christmas. To make your own charcuterie board this winter you will need a large circular or rectangular board; some cheeses; fruits such as grapes; and antipasti and crackers. There are so many brilliant combinations you can create here – and finishing off the board with some lovely chutneys or jams is a game changer. 

A hot chocolate station

As DIYs go – something sweet and simple is sometimes best of all. If you are having people over one evening and are looking for something simple to offer as a treat; hot chocolate is best. You can create your own hot chocolate station by putting out a few different hot chocolate powders, milk and water, cream, chocolate shavings, marshmallows and sauces. You can allow people to make and personalise their own chocolate drink and this is a fun activity for all. 

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