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I’m quite a bit late with this update – life has just gotten in the way recently and I’ve lost my blogging mojo a bit. Though I realise that the next update I write for J, he will be three! THREE! It only seems like yesterday that he arrived in the world. He’s becoming such a little grown up now, everybody says so too. I think when he does turn three, I might do a monthly update like I do with N as he is changing so quickly now that two months seems too long between them.

The little man is getting more and more independent now – ever so much more, every day. He’s now started dressing himself, as well as undressing. He also tries helping to undress his brother too! In some areas he’s having a slight regression though, but I think that is more to do with wanting to be like his brother – for example he sometimes asks me to feed him his yogurt, even though he can do it perfectly well himself! I think it’s a little jealousy thing too. His behaviour has improved since his last update – probably mainly because his brother has started fighting back now! I’ll write a separate update about that though.

The only area we don’t seem to be progressing in is potty training. We have even resorted to buying him a musical Thomas Tank potty but it doesn’t seem to be helping at the minute. I think again, it’s a case of wanting to be like his brother; at this rate, N will be potty trained before J! He does go on & off his potty but doesn’t stay there for long; he even sat on the toilet seat one day, then asked for pants on but he wee’d without telling us he needed to go! So we are’t pushing anything at the minute, I know he will show us good & proper when he’s ready (though I must admit it makes me feel a little sad when I hear all of his peers are fully or nearly potty trained).

I say it in every update, but his vocabulary is really astounding me at the minute. Today he said to me (without any prompting) “Mummy, I fell over on road and hurt my knee.” I just had an overwhelming feeling of proud wash over me as I realise that even though he is so testing sometimes and really pushes me to my limits, he is an amazing, intelligent, clever little boy. He’s started reading his books himself too – well, I say reading them, but I think it’s more of a case of we’ve read them so many times he knows what comes next! His favourite book at the minute is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. His book ninja escapades seem to be decreasing though (but now we have it all to go through with N, so board books for another few years yet!).

His food habits are still pretty much the same as last time, but we’re also dealing with it the same. I’m hoping he will grow out of it soon though, maybe it will just click one day that his brother is eating it so it’s okay? His favourite foods at the moment are sausages (still), rice cakes, apples, oranges, and yogurts.

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