Another unscheduled hospital visit

**Slight TMI alert**

On Wednesday we made another unscheduled visit to the hospital. This time to the antenatal day unit for assessment, after me being a worrying mummy-to-be again, and the little monkey playing games again. Number one, because little man hadn’t been moving much (again!), and number two, because on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning I had had some greenish discharge (yuk!). I knew that could mean baby had pooped, so thought it best to get checked out. It felt like a tour of all the rooms! 

It was later in the afternoon so didn’t have much of a wait when we got there. First I was hooked up to the machine again to check baby’s heart rate and movements, though it was a different one this time, where I had to press a button every time I felt him move. Sure enough, 5 or 10 minutes after I was hooked up, he started moving! Doh! So I wasn’t on there for long as she was happy with his movements for the next 10-15 mins, in fact he gave me one almighty kick which took me by surprise! I then had to do a urine sample, which again came back with traces of protein like the one from my previous midwife appointment, so she was sending that off. 

Then we went for a growth scan, so we got to see him again (well, bits of him, as he’s obviously grown a lot since 20 weeks!). Measurements were good and he is growing fine.

Finally, we went to another room for me to be ‘examined’. Not the most dignified of experiences just like my HSG, but it had to be done! Though I’m getting used to those kind of examinations now, and it’ll be the same on Sunday anyway if he hasn’t arrived by then! And let’s not forget when I give birth too! Anyway, the midwife confirmed there was a bit of greenish discharge, and she has also sent that off in case of infection or anything. Apart from that, everything seemed fine ‘down there’ too. 

So yes, it was just me being paranoid again! 

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