The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 23

Thursday 31st October – 23w 1d
Have had my first toothache of this pregnancy and been trying to kill it with paracetamol. I think I had it this bad with little man actually. I should really use my free entitlement and get to the dentist but I’m a complete wuss…

Friday 1st November – 23w 2d
The toothache has remained today, and I got ID’d for buying paracetamol! Suppose I should take that as a compliment, maybe I am finally glowing! 

Sunday 3rd November – 23w 4d
I had yet another gender dream last night. It was the same gender as in the last dream, and I also had breastfeeding success again (with the same gender, weirdly…)! So now I’ve had two dreams with one gender, and one with the other…

I’ve also stuffed myself with home baked cookies today. Baby needed them. And they had apricot in them. So they were healthy. Honest.

Tuesday 5th November – 23w 6d
Today has been one of those days where I’ve just wanted to stay in bed all day! Mainly because the weather has turned so blooming freezing, and secondly because I’m zzzzzzzz…

I also had another awful dream similar to one I had at the beginning of this pregnancy, where I was bleeding and it all ended badly. I hate those dreams so much. 

At 23 weeks, berry is the size of a large mango.
Movements can most likely be seen from the outside.
Their sense of taste is maturing, along with other senses.
The lanugo is growing darker.
The fingernails are almost fully formed.
Berry will start to gain significant weight and almost double in size.
The ears are starting to develop as the three main bones are hardening; they will be able to hear sounds from the outside.
The important organs, such as the pancreas, are developing quickly.
Blood vessels in the lungs are developing to prepare for breathing.

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